To all our wonderful Angel Messenger clients, friends and family,

christina1As you may have noticed, Christina (one of our gifted Angel Messenger practitioners), had taken some time off in August in order to reconnect with her own energy and focus on family matters.  After much consideration, Christina has decided to discontinue offering appointments.  While she may check back in with us from time to time in the future to work on co-created projects, her focus for now needs to be on home and family.  Please send your love and blessings to Christina as she continues her own personal journey, and please do feel free to leave your beautiful comments below so that Christina will be able to see them.  <3

As a quick note, I may be adding a new practitioner within the next few months, but I am in no hurry to make any changes.  I do receive inquiries on a regular basis and thought this might be a good time to mention where I’m at with this.  I hope to add a post about my plans for a new practitioner later this week or next week.  However, please do not contact me until I actually post the position as I need time to meditate yet on what will be best going forward.  If you are interested, please stay tuned here on my blog for updates. 

For those of you who are clients here on Angel Messenger, please feel free to leave comments below regarding what type(s) of services you would like to see here down the road.  Thank you.  🙂

Angel Blessings,


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