An October 2011 Gallup study reports that “71% of American workers are “not engaged” or “actively disengaged” in their work, meaning they are emotionally disconnected from their workplaces…” (Gallup Management Poll, October 2011). Are you one of the 71% of Americans who are not engaged or actively disengaged in your work? What about your life? How do you show up for work and life?

These are important questions — it’s just as important to take the time to reflect. If you find yourself in the majority of the unengaged, a coach can help you look within to identify your unique life purpose, create a transition or implementation plan, and support you as you begin to take those courageous steps back to the land of the engaged. Rest assured, this doesn’t mean you are going to immediately jump ship. While a small majority of people feel compelled to jump ship, the majority will want and need a gradual and safe space to transition. No matter the timing of your transition, a coach will help you navigate the uncertainties of change by nurturing those elements of your life that have been put on the back-burner or even those parts of yourself that are yet to be fully discovered and explored. Whether you are the type to make immediate change, or you are the type to engage in a more planned transition, coaching can help you define your path and help you get started.

 “Coaches also help you discover your unique life purpose and the ways you might begin to take steps (large or small) to begin living your purpose right now.”

You may be wondering what you can expect from coaching. Coaches ask powerful questions and provide you with tools to assess your core values, talents, strengths. Coaches help you distinguish between what you need and what you want in life. Coaches also help you discover your unique life purpose and the ways you might begin to take steps (large or small) to begin living your purpose right now.

You may also be wondering why you need a coach. There is an incredibly unique thing that happens when working with a coach. It’s called the “coaching space.” The coaching space is created when two people join together for a common purpose. That common purpose happens to be you and finding the answers you need to live a fulfilled and thriving life. Have you ever heard the expression “…can’t see the forest for the trees…”? When we are stuck, it’s really a challenge to find a way out on our own. A coach has the bird’s eye (or objective) view that helps to see your life from a unique and fresh perspective. From this vantage point, you and your coach work together to design your life plan, step-by-step.

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Christina is a gifted Angel Reader and Spiritual Career Coach who once offered her services to you here through Angel Messenger. However, Christina no longer offers these services.


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