Hello Angel Messenger readers!

I’d like to let you all know that I am putting together a special offer discount for everyone who attends my webinar,  Be Your Beauty,  on Sept. 10th 2013 and this includes people who listen to the replay as well that may not be able to attend live .  The replay will be available for 2 weeks post event.   I am also offering a free 20 minute phone consultation to anyone interested in discussing the services I offer and how I can assist you the most on your journey, though these sessions are very limited in availability.

Rev. Sheri has been kind enough to add this consultation offer to her scheduler on the Angel Messenger website so it will be easier for all of you to schedule an appointment with me.

I look forward to assisting you to live a Beauty-Full life!

Love, Light and Laughter ,

Giovana M.A.

Consultations with Giovana are only available via phone.  For those within the United States, Giovana will call you for your appointment.  If you are outside the U.S., you will need to call Giovana at 646-678-0113 as she cannot make calls outside the U.S.

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Giovana Abbenante M.A. is an intuitive counselor and transformation alchemist specializing in energy psychology and healing.  She is a metaphysical educator, writer, public speaker and a creative consultant for projects in media, fashion and beauty. Read more here.

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Testimonials for working with Giovana

“When I first came to see Gio, I was immediately taken with her natural presence of peace and understanding. I was also taken by the level of her knowledge in my situation, without having to speak much of things myself. It seemed she picked up on the most important things to be dealt with and then guided me to place to bring them into open light. She helped me create a place of truth, without fear or panic.”  – EJ

“My session with Gio was so special, healing, transformational and unique, it is hard to put into words, which just proves the level at which she works.  She walks her talk and doesn’t only connect to her higher self and guides for sessions but lives her life with that vibrant clarity and passion for life.”  – SA


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