I have one little tiny female kitten who needs a home. She was the only surviving kitten of the litter, and her mom has now disappeared. I can’t take in any more myself as I now have four of my own in my little house. She is very sweet and friendly. I don’t have a photo yet, but her coloring is a sort-of muted calico and gray. She has white paws, and her face is mostly white and orange. Her body is a blend of gray and orange … very pretty. I thought I had a home for her a couple of weeks back, but that’s a no go now.

I’m very concerned about her safety because there is a huge opossum loose in my neighborhood. I’m serious when I say the thing could kill a dog. For those of you who have seen my big dog, this creature is more than half her size … huge!

If you or anyone you know is interested, please let me know right away. She is an outdoor cat right now, but she’s only maybe 6 or 7 weeks and could easily be an indoor cat. Her mother was very small as an adult, so this one should also remain quite small. She cries at my door when she’s hungry and cold, which is quite often, and she walks into my house like she owns the place. Really, I would keep her if I could. I like her a lot and want to see her in a good home. I found her shivering in the rain and cold this morning … she’s too tiny for the cold. 🙁

Please pass this on … Thanks and Happy Halloween!

~ Sheri <3 248-686-2503 or sheri@angelmessenger.net

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7 replies
  1. Rev. Sheri
    Rev. Sheri says:

    Troy! So glad to hear from you! I was actually thinking about you earlier today!!! The kitty crisis seems to be just going crazy. I read an article about the Lansing area shelters having to put down so many good cats due to lack of space. It just breaks my heart. Bill and I looked at a house about a month ago that was on 5 acres with a nice barn that could have been converted into a shelter, but I didn’t have enough money in my pocket to buy the place. I think it was actually sold when I looked at it … moved really fast. I’m starting to think my destiny might have something more to do with animals than I originally realized. You know, when I was a little girl, I used to cry when I saw animals on the side of the road … um … you know … not exactly the breathing kind. Anyway, I told my grandparents one day that someday I would have the power to heal animals. I guess that little girl’s dream is still alive inside me, huh? It’s great talking with you again, and I hope all is well with you and your family.

    Blessings and love to you, my friend!


  2. Rev. Troy
    Rev. Troy says:

    Sheri, so good to “see you” back on line!! I keep you in my prayers and hope all is well. I am trying to help out with the “kitty crisis” that seems to be going on, so if you find your kitten and need a home I will take her. Or, if there are others in the future please contact me, ok?!! Be well, and Blessings to you and your family….all ways!

  3. Melissa Petrice
    Melissa Petrice says:

    Oh I will also pray for the scared little girl! I have been tossing around the idea of getting one as a second pet and when the email came through, I felt like it was the answer to my prayers.

    I will pray for her safe return and now I want her even more.

    You sound like a lovely person!

  4. Rev. Sheri
    Rev. Sheri says:

    I am so very beside myself and sad to say that the kitten is missing. Halloween night, a van was in my driveway, and the kitten had been hiding under the van. When the driver went to leave, I saw the kitten run to the back of the house then at one point I thought I had seen her shoot back under the van. We looked under it with flashlights, but she was nowhere to be seen. I should have trusted my intuition, but I assumed I was just being my usual kitty crazy self and listened to everyone else who said she had probably run off from all the noise. Since no one could see her under the van, they slowly pulled out and drove away. It’s been two days, and she hasn’t returned. I’m guessing she was up inside the van somehow, and I pray to God that she somehow survived. I keep telling myself that maybe she hopped out at a stop sign or something. It’s very upsetting. I tried not to fall in love with her, but it was too late for that. If she finds her way back here, I will let both of you know. I was so hoping to give her to one of my clients in hopes that she would get the great family she so deserves. I hope to someday live a couple miles out of town with a big barn so that I can rescue as many furry friends as I want to without worrying about too much traffic or other things that happen to pets in my neighborhood. For now, I guess I just have to pray that she’s okay and know in my heart that I did everything I could for her. Thanks for your interest, and God bless both of you ladies for caring about her.

    Love and Blessings,


  5. Melissa Petrice
    Melissa Petrice says:

    I would be interested in taking the kitten if she is still available. She sound like she has unique coloring.

    Feel free to send me an email direct. Thanks


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