I’ve called every shelter in the state of Michigan and some even from the Ohio border. No shelters are taking cats; they’re too full. My only other option is calling animal control (meaning they will all die) or paying the Humane Society $20 per cat to take them (meaning they will most likely die). I can’t live with either of these options.

I have several kittens that need homes before winter …

4 are about 6 weeks old – two tigerish, one grayish white, and one all black w/ green eyes (beautiful)

2 are about 5 months old – one black and gray w/ white paws and one tiger, both are males, one could be indoor cat or both would be great barn cats

I am also hand feeding a 3.5 week old kitten who was abandoned by it’s mother. It’s is tiger w/ some caramel coloring and white feet. I think it’s female, but the kitten is too young to be sure.
This kittens mother also has three other kittens that I’m sure she will be bringing to me soon!

Total, I have had 12 kittens this summer from two different mothers. The mothers are not my cats. One was abandoned by it’s owner; I don’t know where the other one came from. If I could have prevented this, I would have. Unfortunately, I’m trying to clean up the mess some irresponsible pet owners have created.
Please help me find homes for these kittens before the weather turns!

I’ve already taken in two of the 5 month old cats which gives me a total of 5 cats, one huge dog, a husband and a 5 year old in my very small house. The little one I’m hand feeding would make 6 cats, and I just can’t do it.

Call me if you’re interested, or pass on this information to your friends and family.

Blessings to you,

Rev. Sheri


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