Hmmm … maybe the title is a little bit of false advertising, but I do have two wonderful gifts to give away to a loving person or family.  See below …

These two loving cats are in my home right now but need new homes.

The kitten is an 8 week old boy that I pulled out of the snow storm last weekend.  He was freezing to death on my deck, so I had to bring him in.  He’s currently living in my bathroom and needs a loving family.  He loves to play and loves other cats and my five year old.

The calico female is Daisy.  She’s about six months old.  I can’t keep her because I just have too many in my small house.  She is very sweet, but she like to chew up paper that’s on the floor.  My little boy doesn’t like it when his artwork gets eaten.  The paper eating is something she will grow out of.  You just have to keep your artwork off the floor.  😉

Please feel free to call or email me with interest or questions.  Thank you.

Blessings and Light,


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