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When I came back from my sabbatical, I wanted some sort of “psychic boost” to make sure that I was still “good”, so I tried this meditation. It’s a little more than a simple meditation as it actually does cool stuff to your brain. I guess I’d call it a super meditation to help open up psychic ability. I’ve used it three times so far and really like it. I’ve noticed that I seem to be even better than before my sabbatical … getting names and other information more clearly, and I have to wonder if this meditation isn’t a big part of that. Please read on for more info … says:

If you thought being psychic or having some extra natural power was eerie, then it is time you change that outlook. Today, there are researches and studies that go all the way out to prove that it is quite possible and feasible for the human brain to understand and know a lot of things that are above the normal limits. Science and technology don’t give you all the answers and there are still certain themes and concepts that defy the common laws of logic and reasoning. That is why there are still certain unexplored and unexplained facts that we see in our day to day life that is apart from our reasoning abilities.

ESP or extra sensory projection is one such common phenomenon that has been accepted worldwide as a special power that certain human beings do possess. The most common explanation that we are able to provide for this is that they are able to get their brains and the mind function at an extreme frequency that most of the commoners are not able to even dream of and this is what in turns helps them receive the ‘signals’.

The ability of some of our very own folks to receive these signals in the first place and then decipher them to meaningful messages is indeed an art and is definitely praiseworthy. Though there are quite a few paranormal abilities that can be a big study in itself, let’s limit ourselves to the discussion on the extra sensory projections. All said and done, all these abilities lie in the efficacy of the process and the skill of the person to tune their brains to read the innumerable messages that are floating around that the normal public cannot comprehend. Also important is the ability to hold your brain in the same frequency level for long intervals whereby the message transaction is complete and comprehensive.

Rome was not built in a day and you cannot expect to get to the highest psychic level the moment you start off. However, this is very much possible and you can get to where you want, if you are keen to get there – with some help. We are here to help you get to the state of extreme sense of paranormal abilities. Our frequency modulators help your brain to tune it to the frequency that is required to get into, to receive and decode these mystic messages. If you try it once, then you would know what a celestial feeling it is to be a psychic like this.

Though there are no complete explanations to these paranormal abilities, there are a lot of places where this skill is being capitalized on and it is definitely an asset if you are able to get yourself to that state. Amidst the hassles of our everyday life this is indeed a new and unheard of experience and will play a vital role in getting your blood pressure and tension levels down. Like they say – you need to see it to believe it, you need to try it to believe it!

Personally, I believe every single person is capable of psychic ability as I know it is a Divine gift given to us all. You don’t have to be special to have the gift or to use it; you just have to exercise a muscle that’s already there. So, I thought I’d share something that has helped me … Check out the Unexplainable Store to enhance your Psychic Abilities!

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  1. marcina
    marcina says:

    please,we need help. my son,19 feels like hes being followed by something bad.the haunting gets worse as days go by. he told me today that at night,hes not sure if it was a dream, or awake ,but felt helpless and the need to end his life. his girlfriend is starting to feel the same.this has been going on for some time,but its getting agressive.i fear fom son .i cant pay much,i only get ssi for my other son.i hope you can find it in your hearts to help us…


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