Interpreting the Free Online Angel Card Readings

by Re, founder of Angel Messenger

Many of the questions I receive are about interpreting the free online angel card readings.  And, actually, that is one area of my site that I have been working on ideas to improve upon.  I know sometimes it can be difficult to interpret the meaning of the cards, and that is where a private consultation comes in handy.  However, I’m writing in hopes of helping you to make more sense of your free online reading without necessarily going to a professional psychic or medium.

How to Interpret Angel Card ReadingsThe best advice I can give anyone on interpreting the cards is to let go and think outside the box; don’t always take the wording so exactly.  For example, I did the simple one card reading the other day just asking for a message.  Really, I was looking for some good news, but I was open to whatever came through.  The card that came up was “Shanti” which says, “I am the Angel of Peace. I bring you new tranquility, and a smoother road ahead.

For some reason, the “smoother road ahead” part sent a vision of a nice and clean blacktop road.  I hadn’t been thinking about the construction around my home at all when I asked the question; I was simply asking for a message and kept my mind open.  I took the card to hopefully mean my street would soon be finished, and that would definitely bring me a smoother road, peace and tranquility.  (The project seems to be taking forever – way beyond the time frame originally stated – and the almost constant jack-hammering makes working in my home office difficult.)

The Shanti card doesn’t show a picture of construction, and the card could surely be interpreted in other ways, especially just the simple explanation that things will get easier, but I used all of myself to be open to the message.  Using all of myself brought the vision of blacktop to my mind.  Using all of yourself and being open to all possibilities can bring you a much clearer message.  Oh, by the way, blacktop paving began on my street last night, and I am oh so pleased by that!  🙂

How to Interpret Angel Card ReadingsOne of the most confusing parts of the reading is the “block/challenge” card.  This card represents what might be hindering your progress at the present time.   I know this can be confusing sometimes, especially because the cards all have such positive messages.  Again, think outside the box. 

Let me give you an example.  I have to talk about the abundance and prosperity type cards here because my husband asked about this the other day, and another person asked about this same exact thing on my chat earlier today.  Having a card in the block position that talks about abundance and prosperity coming your way is certainly confusing, not to mention troublesome, but think about all the areas in your life where you’re not feeling abundance and prosperity – not just finances. 

Could it be that a lack of abundance in joy could be hindering your goals?  It’s certainly possible.  For my husband, my interpretation was exactly that.  He’s overly stressed in is day to day job, and that’s hindering his progress in his side business.  Like many, he’s in a position where his “job” isn’t exactly his passion, but that doesn’t mean he has to be miserable.  Finding ways to experience joyful abundance in the area that’s not always so great can help bring other types of abundance to the topic in question.

Also consider other things. Consider what you feel as well. What is your body telling you? What imagery is popping out of the card for you? Are your eyes drawn to something in particular? Does something in the card remind you of a memory? Why might that be?

I used to think that I had to push away everything that was coming into my mind about myself in readings, but now I understand that’s not how my Gift works. I’m shown things through my thoughts, knowledge and experiences, so shoving those things away was shoving away useful guidance.

Don’t always listen to what other people say about how your guidance should work.  Yes, there are basics … the Clair’s, but did you know there are more than four? There are many ways we can receive guidance.

One summer day, I was sitting on my back porch and slipped into a meditation while gazing at my favorite tree. Suddenly, I could see all kinds of animals in the the tree (not ones that would climb up there), and I could see how they related to my loved ones and me. It was interesting, but I’ve come to learn that interesting is just how I roll now. 😉

I hope this has answered a few questions out there!  🙂

Angel Blessings,


The cards used in our free online angel card readings are the Magical Mermaids and Dolphins Cards and the Messages From Your Angels Cards, which were both originally created by Doreen Virtue. Doreen has since stopped making her cards, though you can find many great Angel Oracle Card Decks on Amazon.

**This post was updated on February 13th, 2023.

7 replies
  1. Julie
    Julie says:

    I was wondering if Rosetta might refer to animal “children” (kittens??) since I have no interactions with children. (Never was able to have any of my own and don’t know any kids…)

    • Re (Rev. Sheri)
      Re (Rev. Sheri) says:

      Hi Julie, thank you for your question. I would say that is a yes for sure. To you, kittens could definitely be children. My Riley (dog) was a child to me, and many people consider animals to be children. If you consider them to be like your children, your spirit helpers could definitely speak to you as if they are.

      Side note, we are getting ready to upgrade our website, and everything has already been saved to upload. It’s possible this question may get deleted. Just FYI … please don’t be offended. 🙂 Have a blessed day. <3

  2. duckcoach
    duckcoach says:

    sometimes i wonder, how simple it is to get answers.
    you reminded me of just ask, and listen. no worry, no nothing. just listen and be as open minded as possible.


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