Interpreting Signs from Your Angels

Are you looking for a sign from your angels or loved ones? Keep your heart open because they can communicate at any time. But, how do you know that a sign is really from them? Is it all in your head?

When we feel down, desperate or confused, we may interpret non-signs as signs, and end up feeling even more conflicted. So, let’s clear things up. In this article, we explore how signs work, and how to know if your sign is “real.”

How To Tell if Your Guardian Angel is Sending You Signs

from our Angel Messenger Creative Team


Signs from Angels or Guides

Angels send very specific signs, like feathers or numbers – just to name a few. Our loved ones, on the other hand, can send a wide variety of signs.

For now, here’s a brief recap about signs from our angels or loved ones.

In general, signs come to us when we’re facing a difficult decision or when we need help processing a thought or an idea. Sometimes, signs come because we’ve specifically asked for them. But this isn’t always the case.

Usually, our angels or loved ones send us a sign shortly after we think about a difficult situation, decision or something happening in our life.

While there are many ways angels and loved ones can communicate with us, the sign isn’t as important as how it makes you feel. The sign should feel powerful to you and grab your attention – even if this same sign might seem completely irrelevant to someone else.

It’s not how popular knowledge would interpret your sign, but what it means to you on a personal level. If it creates a significant (and peaceful) emotional feeling, it’s likely a sign from your angel or loved one.

But if we’re going through a difficult time, or feeling emotional, it might be tricky to recognize signs and know whether they’re real or not.

So, how can you know if a sign is really from your angel or loved one, and when it’s in your head?


Ask: Is this from you?

Is your mind playing tricks on you? One simple way to find out is to simply ask your angels or loved ones, “Is this from you?”

You might hear a clear and resounding “Yes”. You may feel a deep sense of calm and peace, in which case, you can believe your sign is real.

If you feel like the message is more about “I”, then this sign or message may be coming from yourself and may not be a sign from your angels or loved ones.


Ask: Can you send the sign again?

If you’re distracted by a million and one things, it’s unlikely that you’ll see your sign, let alone know whether it’s true or not. If you think they sent a sign, but you’re unsure if it’s really from them, ask them to send it again. This time, ask that you notice it beyond a shadow of a doubt. Personally, I always say something to the effect, “If I see 3 green Cars while I’m out today, the sign is valid or If this person calls me today out of the blue, it may be a sign. It’s a way to create a clear way for your guides to communicate.”

How will this sign impact me if it’s real?

We may seek signs when things are difficult, or to help clarify a confusing situation. However, it’s important to check-in. Are you depending on your loved one or angel to make a major life decision for you?

For example, if you ask, “Should I quit my job?” and then, you spot a white feather, is this a real sign?  On the one hand, it might be your angel sending you a sign that says: Yes, quit your job. But it might be your angel letting you know that he or she is with you during a confusing time, rather than telling you what to do.

Remember: you are at the center of your life, and you get to make the decisions. Our angels and loved ones cannot live our lives for us. Yes, they can remind us of their never-ending love and presence, but their signs are never meant to overhaul your own freedom of choice or your reason.


Signs are Signs

Our angels or loved ones are in a different realm now. But since we can’t always see them, and since we might only see an occasional sign, we may think these beings are rarely with us.

But just because they’re in another realm, that doesn’t mean they’re far away. Angels and loved ones are always present – with or without signs.

So, if you’re unsure whether a sign is from them or not, consider that you can still cultivate a deep faith in their presence. Consider that you can always trust that their love and presence is with you, even if they haven’t sent you an observable sign.

Sometimes, when we search for signs, we lose the big picture. When we’re looking for signs, it’s not necessarily the sign we want. What we want is their presence. This is always with you.

This doesn’t mean it’s a waste of time trying to figure out whether a sign is real or not. But just don’t fall into the trap of thinking that if you don’t see a sign, that you must be alone or abandoned.

Is that sign really from your angel or your loved one? Only you can decide.

When in doubt, ask them to send it again. Trust that you will see the right sign at the right time. Above all, remember that signs are observable messages from our angels and loved ones – special beings who are always present to us.

Much Love & Angel Blessings,

Angel Messenger

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