5 Ways to Open Up Communication with your angels

5 Ways to Open up Communication with Your Angels

by Rev. Sheri, founder of Angel Messenger

Many people today, turn to divine help when faced with questions about the direction they need to go. It can be difficult to hear what your Angels are saying directly to you, but they do communicate with you on a daily basis. Sometimes we cannot hear or understand the communication simply because the frequency with which their messages are sent isn’t what we are tuned into at the time. So how do we open ourselves up to better hear the voices of our Angels?

  1. Know that you are Never Alone and EMBRACE it!

When we open our hearts, souls and minds up to the belief that we are never alone, our guides have an easier time communicating with us. Angels give us personal messages every day through our thoughts, dreams and intuition.  When we accept that we are supported in this way, our Angels in turn can speak directly to us in a much clearer fashion.

  1. Take Personal Time when Things are Tough

When you are feeling the weight of the world on your shoulders, it is so important to take quality time for your soul. Meditation is the window for our guides to reach us, and they do answer when presented with a way to communicate.

  1. Give Permission

Angels will often wait patiently in the wings to give you vital information. They do not push themselves into your spirit, yet rather bide their time to allow you the space you need. Simply give them permission to provide you with guidance and they will.

  1. Change the Channel

Are you asking your angels to communicate through voice, dreams, signs or visions? If you have a particular channel that you use to communicate with your guides and the answers or direction are not presenting themselves, change the channel! Change the usual way you have asked for things and you will see that sometimes your Angels just need a different line of communication.

  1. Ask an Expert

Sometimes no matter what changes we make in our communication patterns with our Angels, the connection is just off. Asking an expert to relay the messages of your angels is a great way to get the answers you require and to regain an open path with your Angels. We all get lost on our spiritual journeys and occasionally our guides have more than us to watch over. Sometimes it really helps to re-connect with them through a guided reading.

Keeping our souls and spirits open for communication will not only strengthen ourselves but will protect and reinforce our bond with our Angel guides as well. Open your heart and spirit to your personal angels, and enjoy the reward of never being alone!

Angel Blessings,

Rev. Sheri
Founder, Angel Messenger

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