Finding Me (Soul Retrieval)

by Re, founder of Angel Messenger


I’ve begun recording a series of videos on YouTube called “Tea with Re” where I discuss spiritual topics, while drinking some sort of beverage (which is usually tea because I drink it every day and always need to be drinking plenty of fluids). One of the topics I discussed recently was about soul retrieval where I got a very important part of myself back … Athena! This is the same Athena that I wrote about in this article from February of 2019.

At the time, I thought Athena was some sort of spirit guide. She did have the same eyes as me, but she was beautiful, and she was definitely trapped in another realm of existence. If you have a chance to read what I wrote at that time, it’s worth understanding because I’m seriously in shock now that I understand she is a part of me.

I have understood what soul loss and retrieval are for some time though never really thought about it relating to me for some reason. If you don’t understand what it is, check out this great article on soul retrieval by lonerwolf. They explain it very well. They also have a great article on healing the inner child.

Actually, back in August 2017, I wrote an article on getting back a piece of myself … a four year old version of my inner child. You can read about that in my article called Beautiful Little Child.

Essentially, the idea behind soul loss is that parts of our soul will go and hide somewhere deep inside us when we experience painful things like trauma, abuse, neglect or prolonged grief (which are all things I’ve dealt with). When we are not our whole selves, we become more likely to experience things like chronic illness and depression. However, we can get the parts of us back!

So, yeah … I had a few lost parts of ME. The first one I saw was my 12 year old self I believe, which I talk about in the video you’ll find below (from one of the Tea with Re segments). There could be a few reasons she fled. Some horrible things happened to me around that age. My psychic gift of dreaming real things surfaced around that time, and that did not go well. She was afraid of being arrested. A grandparent screamed at her that she was not wanted and never would be, and I also planned a suicide attempt around that age. She was very alone, abused, unloved and scared. I don’t blame her for hiding away.

Then there are the four year old and six year old parts of me that are both inside me. I’m fully aware of these three parts of me that are with me but not completely healed. They all play a part in my psychic gift, too. It’s difficult to explain, but healing them will involve my creative side, though I don’t really have much of a creative space. They are with me, though, because they feel it’s safe enough.

When I have had some of my most severe illnesses, I’ve also had spiritual experiences. This time I connected with Athena, though I have channeled information before. I don’t remember what year it was, but I had to miss Thanksgiving because I was so sick. My husband starting recording me with this phone. If I stopped talking, the pain would get worse, and the words I was speaking were spoken in a different way from my normal language, and it was about the world and world events.

I’m very sure I’m not normal. I’ve finally told one of my new doctors about my dreams, and now they have started again for some reason. However, this time they seem less horrible and more about things that I can do something about. I guess the reason I decided to finally speak my Truth to my audience is because, if telling one person brought my dreams back in a way I can make a difference, maybe telling my audience will help me make a bigger difference (but please Creator not in a horrible way like before because those nightmares are not helpful for anyone).

Thank you for reading. This is about My Journey, and there’s a lot more than what I’ve shared. Your journey may be different, and that’s perfectly okay. What is not okay is people telling others that what they believe is wrong, or that they must believe the same as them. Every person’s journey is different.

Believing what your religion tells you is okay, if that is what you choose to believe. My experience with religions was very negative. People representing those religions did very bad things; things that did not represent God or Christ. I do not tolerate others telling me I’m evil because they have a limited understanding or fear who I am. It is not my job to control what other people fear. I’ve simply had enough from those kinds of people, and I don’t deserve to be hurt in any way any longer.

I don’t know what will come next for me. I don’t know if my dreams will continue or if they will be able to help anyone. I don’t know if my illness will get better or worse; it has been quite painful. Many things make the pain worse, though I do know of a few things that do help. I’m just going to keep doing what I can do I guess.

Learn more about me here:

Article on Athena:

Beautiful Little Child:

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