Beautiful Little Child

A Journey to Healing the Inner Child

by Rev. Sheri, founder of Angel Messenger

When I was 4 years old, someone told me that I was evil simply because I had blonde hair. Interestingly enough, I looked very much Native American when I was born – cocoa skin and Jet black hair. By the time I was 2, my hair was as white as paper … and so was my skin.

The person who told me I was evil was told that we had Native American blood in our family line and that our tribe used to believe that when this happened to children, it was because they were possessed by the devil. The child would then be burned or (most likely) drowned as a sacrifice. I have since learned that this was not true of my ancestors, but those words made me shy away from anything Native American for a long time.

In my memory, I can see myself sitting in my little pink gingham Holly Hobbie rocking chair that my mother had made for me. I was sitting in the kitchen directly under a light above on the ceiling. As I rocked in my chair and was told the story, I began to rock faster, feeling those words leach into my skin. I looked up at the light above my head, and the light bulb made a popping sound and burned out.

As I have been on my personal healing journey, one of the most difficult things for me to heal has been my inner child, but I have been blessed to connect with some wonderful people who have aided me on that journey. Through their teachings, I have come up with an idea to begin erasing my past pains.

I closed my eyes and again went back to my memory, rocking myself back and forth in my own rocking chair, and I saw that beautiful little child who deserved to be loved and cared for. I cried for her. I told her that she deserved good things to happen to her … and then I told her that she was a Gift. (Not Evil)

Just that little bit brought a powerful feeling into my heart, and the light on the ceiling didn’t go out. In fact, it got brighter. It got so bright that I shocked myself and opened my eyes.

I was also given a clear understanding of why this person said what they did to me. Even though it was hurtful and should not have been said, this person was operating out of their own fears because of their own past lifetimes and generational trauma.

My heart still feels shielded from this person, but I forgave them because they are truly in essence just trying to find their way through the darkness like the rest of us. However, it might also be important to point out here that forgiving someone does not mean you have to let them right back in to hurt you all over again. Boundaries are really important!

It makes me sad that so many people carry so much pain from their own traumas (from this life as well as others) and without knowing it can cause untold harm – even though that may not have been the intention. Words have power!

If we could all find the beautiful little child within ourselves and begin to heal him/her, I think the world would be a much more beautiful place.

In sharing this, I hope that someone else out there might be able to change some of their own memories from painful to beautiful.

Love and Blessings,

Rev. Sheri

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  1. Shelagh
    Shelagh says:

    Hi rev Sheri your story was so beautiful and at the same time a dark place for you. I am in that dark place at the moment. My precious grandson is 6 years today I have not seen him In over 2 years he is my daughters son 2 years ago my estranged husband paid my grandsons father to take him on a visit and keep him which he did and they are refusing to let me see him which is ripping my heart out my daughter his mummy gets to see him on supervised visits. I came to realise he may be mild autistic but my pleas to have him assesed have fallen on deaf ears his father is flatly refusing. I hope And pray that my beautiful grandson hasn’t been damaged by any of this. I love and miss him so very much my heart is broken Regards Shelagh

  2. Janice
    Janice says:

    Thank you for taking the time to write this& publish it here.
    It’s no accident that I felt drawn back to your site this morning.
    Sending you much love kind lady

  3. Caroline
    Caroline says:

    Thank you, totally feeling this at the moment… Hearing inside “I just don’t want him to reject me”… my dad… I have always “toned my self down” for acceptability… and currently undoing all the repression that feeling has been creating!… leaving me with very little love in my life (not allowing my true self to shine and therefore not allowing anyone “in”)… thank you for your story <3

    • Rev. Sheri
      Rev. Sheri says:

      Caroline, thank you for sharing. It’s interesting you felt so connected to my story because my inner child healing also has a great deal to do with my father. He was not the one who told me I was evil, though. He actually wasn’t in my life, but there were others who gave him a voice and did a lot of harm. I’ve been struggling with the exact things you’ve mentioned here … feeling unworthy and unable to allow your true self to shine resulting in creating a big wall around yourself so that no one can get a peak at the true beauty within … because you’re afraid it’s not beautiful. But, you know what? It is beautiful! Your soul is beautiful! Not everyone will be able to see it, and those are the ones you may need to protect yourself from – at least for a while. However, keep chipping away at that wall so that you can at least let yourself see who you are because eventually you’ll be able to see your own beauty, and then you’ll slowly begin to find those in your environment who are worthy of being let in. Wishing you much love and blessings. <3


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