Yesterday I went to the Detroit Zoo with my husband and son. It was a great trip and unfortunately the only day this week without rain. My husband is on vacation this week, and he’s a big golfer, so he’s not too happy about the rain. 🙁 Anyway, it was so much fun just to take a day and go to the zoo. It is sad to see all those animals in cages, but we made sure that we talked to them all. It’s amazing to watch how animals react to certain children. I’ve always had a connection to animals myself, but my son and his friend who came with us both talked to the animals they interacted with each other like they were almost the same species. There was one duck in particular that was in an enclosed reserve; it would bob his head and move in certain directions like it was responding to the kids. Maybe it was just a really unusual duck, but maybe not. There were similar interactions with the penguins (which always seem to enjoy showing off), a turtle and a lizard. There were a lot of kids there, too, so maybe the animals have just learned how to “ham it up” for their audiences, but you really have to wonder if it’s not something else. Of course, I firmly believe that all children are special and have special gifts, but I did observe a certain few who seemed different. It wasn’t just their interactions with the animals, either. These children “felt” different to me. While I don’t like to label children “crystal” or otherwise, I do believe that some children have a certain level of enlightened energy that give them an important connection and compassion for animals which just may give them abilities to connect in ways that others do not.

Anyway, I just thought I would share.  If you haven’t been to your local zoo this year, you should visit.  It’s a great place for grownups, too!  😉

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