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Crystal Adults Revealed and How to Tell if You Are One

Have you ever felt that you don’t fit in on this planet? Are your sensitivities so strong that you easily get overwhelmed by the emotions of other people? Do you often speak to others - through your energy, emotions, and thoughts- but without ever saying a word?
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Free Mandalas for Children

Today I uploaded a new page of free coloring mandalas for children. Mandalas are great for meditation and creative expression.
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Lean Teen Self-Esteem

Last night was the first night of the Free October Tele-Summit for moms. If you haven't signed up yet, you should. It's free, and it's good. You won't want to miss the one scheduled for tomorrow night ... Thursday, October 8, 2009, 8pm…
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Free October Tele-Summit for Moms

Register now for FREE at . The first call with Dr. Sylvia Rimm, author of Rescuing the Emotional Lives of Overweight Children, is on October 6th, at 8pm, EST.

Message from an Indigo Child

... this is just one example of why we should nurture the special and unique children in our lives. You never know what they might do ... you they might touch with words ... or what differences they are capable of making ...

A Struggle with Myself

I hadn't realized that Boy Scouts is actually a religious organization of sorts. If you don't believe in God, you're not allowed to be a leader. I do believe in God, but I don't really like some of the ways they alienate and reject some people.

The Proposal

I went out with a friend last night for the first time in months. We went out to dinner then went to the movies and saw "The Proposal" with Sandra Bullock, whom I love by the way! I haven't laughed that hard in I can't remember when. I actually…
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Child's Nightmares and Memories Prove Reincarnation

I have seen cases very similar to this child. He is in no way the first child to have these types of memories, but his story his fascinating in it's own right. I'm equally amazed that any sort of media is acknowledging this and am very pleased…

What a 5 Year Old Understands

Today was an interesting day.  We lost a loved one over the weekend.  It's okay.  I'm doing okay, but my family isn't doing all that great.  It's kind of confusing to explain how she was part of my family ... sort of indirectly related while…

Finding Grace

This is a very sweet story that I found on Beliefnet. I hope you enjoy it as much as I did.  ~ Sheri Finding Grace by Bob Perks If you want to learn the meaning of faith, get down to a child's level. "What could this possibly…

Detroit Zoo

Yesterday I went to the Detroit Zoo with my husband and son. It was a great trip and unfortunately the only day this week without rain. My husband is on vacation this week, and he's a big golfer, so he's not too happy about the rain. :( …