Trusting Ones's Self

Trusting One’s Self

by Barbara Lynn, guest writer for Angel Messenger

“We (the angels) see that you have indeed been following the signs which you have received. Your trust in the unseen helpers is increasing. Your desire to share your experience is heartfelt. Your message to others is one of trust. Trust in one’s self, and trust the answers are safe and secure within, waiting to be found and acted upon.”

Often times an individual goes to great lengths to find solutions to her or his challenge by looking outside of self. After all, it is human to do so. Isn’t there always someone else to blame for the situation one is in? That would seem to be the easy route. However, after considerable time and effort the individual is surprised to find that in a quiet moment, she or he finds that the challenge is still there. It may have been temporarily masked, creating the sense that it had disappeared and departed for good. Not so. The challenge remains, the individual has to start all over again. One can be sure that the situation will continue to repeat over and over again until a positive resolve is found.

Having recently been challenged with an ongoing relationship issue, I sought the assistance of a lawyer, the local authorities, friends, family and took all the steps suggested. The steps of so-called sound advice. This resulted in more conflict and stress with no resolve. My energy was getting lower, my self-esteem on a slide, and I was beginning to doubt myself as a “positive” individual.

For many years, I have used Angel Cards as a way to uplift and empower myself through good times and the difficult times. I recently drew the card Oceana which reminded me to: take action, avoid procrastination, break the situation down into small steps, reassuring me that “I already knew what to do.” Oceana was validating that my decision was on a Path of Light.

The message reminded me that sometimes I was too, tired, to take action and it was because I was unsure of the “correctness” of my decisions, which most likely were founded in “guilt.” With that one sentence, it was as though the light switch turned on. The word “guilt” was profound. Yes, I was feeling very guilty by taking the steps to involve authorities and the lawyer. Even friends and family were suggesting I do things that I knew inside I couldn’t possibly do. Right in that moment, I realized that I was trying to solve the situation using avenues that I was totally uncomfortable with, which led to the negative emotions of fear, guilt, blame, and a lowering of my personal energy.

Since the awakening I have excess energy, am enjoying life again to the fullest. I have offered a compromise to my partner, one which I am comfortable with and am trusting the outcome will be favourable. I am no longer concerned what others think. I am making decisions based on my truth and what is correct for me. Decisions made from a heart and soul perspective. What a relief to be re-connected to my soul once again.

Only last week I mentioned to the counselor that I would like to write an article which would be of interest and encouragement to others. I was excited to see the opportunity manifest so quickly. I am trusting that the telling of my experience will give others the courage to keep trying even when it is very challenging, knowing that a positive solution will be found within.

Yes, I believe the angels are always available to assist us.

All we have to do is ask, be open to receive, trust and take action when the signs are presented.

Blessings to all,

Barbara Lynn

About the Writer:

Barbara Lynn currently enjoys the retired aspect of living and is fortunate to live in a small community nestled in the mountains by the mighty Fraser River in British Columbia, Canada. She gives thanks, each and every day for fruits, berries, vegetables and nuts grown on the acreage. Barbara loves being in nature which inspires art, writing, and music.

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Oceana is from the Messages  from Your Angels Deck by Doreen Virtue.

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