Later this week, we will be moving our Angel Messenger website to a new website host. Our goal is to move to new web hosting platform that will allow Angel Messenger to load faster and perform better. Ideally, this will be a seamless transition. However, it is possible that a move like this can occasionally cause problems (broken links, missing images, etc.). Once the site is successfully transferred, we will be immediately working to repair any issues.

We hope to have everything resolved by next Tuesday, October 25th. If you see any issues with the website after October 25th, please reach out to Angel Messenger support.

Thank you in advance for your patience during this move. We ask that you keep in mind that there are real people behind this website. We will continue to do all we can to keep this the awesome free service that it is, though we also need your help to make that happen.

The new website hosting is even more expensive than what we have been using, so donations are even more important and appreciated. In 2015, our total donations for the year were less than $400 total (and that included all donations made through our online store from those downloading our free products). As you can imagine, it costs a lot more than $400 a year to support a website like this one, which is why we use Google and affiliate advertising on our sites … those ads currently pay for this service. If you are able to help us out by making even a small donation, donations can be made here.

Please also note that we have hired an additional customer service person to help answer the questions that come in to our support desk as well as those on Facebook. However, our new helper has been in the hospital, so we ask for both your prayers and patience as it may take longer than usual to hear back from us until things get back on track.

Angel Blessings from the Angel Messenger Team

About Angel Messenger Creative Team

Our team includes amazing spiritual writers who desire to help people on their path toward spiritual growth and enlightenment. We also create based on Rev. Sheri's ideas as well as questions received from our audience.

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