3 Major Goddesses of Love & Beauty

by Rev. Sheri, founder of Angel Messenger

Goddess energy has been a powerful resource in my healing toolbox, and I would be remiss not to include a piece on goddesses in a project on beauty. The first goddess I’ll discuss, Aphrodite, is one that is very often referred to as the goddess of love and beauty, though the others may surprise you. However, I have found that goddess energy can ebb and flow into each other like the tides of the sea. For me at least, they all may have their own petals, but they are all a part of the same beautiful flower.

Aphrodite is the goddess of love, beauty and sexuality. I have found that many writings on Aphrodite seem to overlook the part about her being the goddess of love and focus more on her being the goddess of beauty and sexuality. It seems she was not very kind to those who didn’t worship her, and that does not exactly show a deep understanding of the true meaning of love. My research did make it clear that Aphrodite was very physically beautiful and charming. Her father was quick to marry her off because he wanted to avoid conflict between others as it seemed many wanted to make her a wife. Though being physically beautiful and charming are only part of what makes one truly beautiful.

However, I do think there is something very important that we can learn from Aphrodite. We all deserve to be treated with love, kindness and respect, and we should all allow for ourselves to have this energy in our lives. I’m not saying we should demand it, though I am saying that we should have boundaries, and we should not be afraid to let others know (in a respectful way) how we expect to be treated. No one should be expected to put up with any kind of abuse or hatefulness in their lives.

If someone in your life is treating you in a disrespectful way, let them know that you will no longer tolerate being treated in such a way. Let them know that you (as all people do) deserve to be treated with kindness and respect. Some people might not like it when you begin to put your boundaries in place, but that’s probably a good sign that person has been crossing the line with you for a while. Don’t let others break you down to make themselves feel better. They should expect better of themselves, too. Remember to speak and act from a place of love.

If you are in a situation where you are experiencing abuse, acts of hate, or you simply do not feel safe speaking up for yourself, please reach out for help. Talk to someone you trust … a teacher, therapist, friend or even the parents of a friend. There are also support groups who may be able to help.

If you find that you are this person who has been trusted as a person to help, please do your best to help – or to get help if you cannot help yourself. It takes a lot of courage to reach out for help, and that person may not be brave enough to reach out again if they feel their trust has been betrayed. We need to hold onto each other as best we can and carry each other to safety, support and love.


One of the first goddesses I connected with on my journey back to myself was one I discovered during my research on Shamanism in Asia. I stumbled across one of the most graceful, loving and beautiful energies I have experienced in some time. I would say that her energy is very similar to that of Jesus or Mary – probably because she is an expert on compassion.

Kwan Yin is the goddess of compassion, and I would say that she is truly, remarkably beautiful because of her compassion – because of her ability to truly and deeply love others. Kwan Yin was a princess who gave up the “good life” to live the life of a nun and very much wished to make the world a better place for all people. She is often referred to as the female Buddha for good reason. Kwan Yin has nestled herself into a nice warm spot inside my heart, and I’m sure she’s going to stay there permanently.

The energy of Kwan Yin is one that we desperately need in our world right now. To connect with Kwan Yin, connect with your heart center to know where you feel compassion toward others. If your heart is true, and your compassion is real, the Goddess will be drawn to you. If you would like to help manifest her energy here on Earth, begin performing acts of compassion.

Compassion is the key to Divine Love, which may just be the most powerful Gift in existence.

Something important to keep in mind here is to remember to have compassion for yourself as well. Do not deplete yourself too much. Restore your own energies. Spending time with animals can be a great way to do this as it not only gives love and compassion to our fur friends, but there are mental, emotional and even physical health benefits to spending time with animals as well.

Spending time in nature is also a great way to restore our own energies. If you can get out in the forest or near water, that would be a wonderful way to restore the soul. I remember spending time in the little forest near my aunt’s house as a child, and I really miss it. It seems all the trees are gone … everything is concrete jungle now. We need more places untouched my man. That is where the soul can breathe.

But, I do have a couple of secret retreats … one is a hidden park with a pond and trees only 10 minutes from my house. Another is a cabin my family rents up north. The cabin is my favorite place in the world, though we don’t get to go there very often. We should all have places where we can recharge ourselves. I hope that you will find your own secret retreat – even if it’s just sitting by one tree in your back yard. It really is important to have at least one space where you can restore your soul’s energy.

Mother Goddess

The third major goddess of love and beauty is Mary, mother of Jesus. Mary was born of kings. As the mother of Christ, she died a thousand deaths watching her son being tortured and murdered. Mary has continued to die over and over again with every woman who was burned, drowned or otherwise tortured or murdered for healing with natural herbs or daring to act or speak out. She has been shamed over and over again with every woman who was spurned because of the miracle in her belly they called a sin.

Her tears fall with the cries of every innocent child who is mistreated, hungry or frightened. Mary is the Queen of Heaven, yet lives on in the hearts of all who welcome her into their lives. Her love for all the Children of Heaven is unequaled, and her heart is the most Divine Beauty. It is beyond time for Mary to rise again.

Mary has always been with me, though she is connected to one of the most difficult parts of myself left to heal. She represents a part of me that is still a bit cracked, possibly due to my own mother wound, though Mary has helped me to heal my mother wound as well. Because I am a mother myself, and I know how I mother my own child, I have begun to mother my inner child with love and protection, and that is helping my inner child to heal and come back into the light.

As we have learned from teachers like Thich Naht Hanh, what we heal within ourselves can also be reflected in the world around us. We are at a point where humanity must find a balance, and bringing goddess energy back into the world will definitely help us to do that. The masculine energy has been imbalanced for far too long. Giving it balance with the feminine is going to be very important to the future of who we are as human beings.

Mary is a Mother Goddess. In her time, Aphrodite was considered the mother of all living beings. If we could find a way to help the energies of Mary, Aphrodite and Kwan Yin to all work together, that would make one truly beautiful triple threat for anything that works against love in this world! It is beyond time for the Goddess energy to rise again – to be in perfect harmony with God.

I say let’s manifest the Goddess into existence!!! <3

Please feel free to share below who or what inspires you to share Love & Beauty in our world.

P.S. This article is the fourth in a new project we are working on called “Beauty“. Myself and my team have decided that it is vitally important to help bring beauty into the world in whatever way we can and to help others to do the same. For now, we have several articles planned to publish on this topic but are of course open to where Spirit may lead us. We hope that you will follow our project and that it helps you.

Wishing You Much Love, Beauty and Heavenly Blessings,


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  1. Mary Hassett
    Mary Hassett says:

    Thank you Rev. Sheri – that’s a lovely heartening article and I really enjoyed reading it. Many thanks to you – I really truly love your site. Mary xx

    • Rev. Sheri
      Rev. Sheri says:

      Thank you for commenting Mary! I’m happy you enjoyed reading my article and our website. Wishing you many blessings of peace, love and joy!!! O:)


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