What have you lived through? (Don’t Give Up)

A heartfelt letter to those who’ve been through a lot by Rev. Sheri, founder of Angel Messenger

This is a letter to those who’s hearts are on the edge of burning out. It’s a letter to all those who’ve just been put through the ringer a few too many times.

I’ve been where you are, maybe not in the exact same place but probably pretty close. The possibility that someone else out there is feeling this same kind of pain is why I’m reaching out to you. I know it hurts, but you are not alone, even if you can’t feel anyone with you.

Some of the most difficult times in my own life happened during periods when I had completely lost my faith and certainly felt very alone. It took me a while to see that there had actually been someone there the whole time, walking beside me. Those difficult times when I felt the most alone where also times when I made incredibly wise life-altering decisions, the outcomes of which I couldn’t have imagined.

What have you lived through?

To get to this point, you’ve had some difficult things happen in your life. You might be feeling like your life seems to be unusually more difficult than the lives of others, but think about that for moment. Think about all you’ve been through.

Maybe you’ve tried therapy. Maybe you’ve seen psychics and spiritual teachers, looking for the answers to why your life has been so hard. My life was so unbelievably crazy for a while that my first attempt at finding the right therapist resulted in me feeling like I’d been mistaken for a Lifetime movie.  I was apparently fascinating to her, but I really needed someone who could help me.

Sometimes roads just seem like nothing but dead ends.

Is that your life, too. It’s okay. Take a breath. Like I said, you’re not alone.

You’ve been through a lot, but You Survived it!

Think about that! You have survived all those horrible things you were just thinking about.

Congratulations! You are becoming a life expert!

Transforming into someone stronger and wiser kinda sucks sometimes, though. Doesn’t it?

I remember a time when my family was losing our home that I was sitting on the side of my bathtub in the middle of the night. I was hiding out in the bathroom so that no one would hear me crying. That was a scary time, but I lived through it and actually came out in a much better situation. As much as I fought losing that house, it was a blessing to have it removed from my life. (It turned out that house was in an unlisted flood zone, which we found out after our home flooded.) Long story, but it is a good thing we got out of that situation.

Sometimes what we think are bad things can be blessings in disguise – though not always, unfortunately.

Sometimes bad things do happen.

I have lived though bankruptcy and the loss of my home and treasured, sentimental belongings (in the flood).

I have lived through losses of both pets and people that I dearly loved.

I have lived through believing it was a mistake that I even existed.

We have lived through a lot, you and I. But, that means we have survived a lot. And, no matter what you are going through right now, remember that.

You have lived through a lot.

You are strong.

You are a survivor!

You are a Survivor!

There will eventually come a day when it’s time for us to leave this place. When that time comes, I hope you look back and see how strong you’ve become.

I hope you look back and see why it’s such a good thing that you never gave up.

I have realized that I can look back and see patterns in my own experiences. I can see those recurring themes, but one thing is very clear … I was never alone, especially during those difficult times when I completely lost my faith. And you are not alone now.

Remember that.

There might be more bad days, but there will also be good days.

Live for those good days.

You are a survivor!

You are strong!

Angels Stand by You

One of the most incredible sources I’ve found for bringing healing right down deep into my soul is music. It’s too long of a story to share here, but I have been guided to share one small piece with you … a song sent to me by my own Guardian Angel, Zachary.

One of my favorite things to do is meditate or journey in the bathtub with music. When I first began doing this, I would just listen to whatever came on to play. After a time, I noticed that messages were coming through some of the songs. This isn’t anything new; it’s really just a form of Clairaudience.

One night, during a time that was particularly dark and painful, I could feel Zachary’s energy with me. He said, “Listen ….”

This beautiful song that I’d never heard began playing. It was Stand by You by Rachel Platten. I hope you’ll take a moment to listen; just close your eyes and allow the words to sink into your soul.

I hope that this music will touch your heart as it did mine. I felt so connected to my guardian. While listening, I also heard Zachary within my heart promising to walk through this fire with me.

I allowed the tears flow and let go of some pretty bad pain, and then I felt a Divine calmness wash over me.

It was beautiful!

Later, I found that the name of the album this song comes from is called “Wildfire“.

Signs are all around us. We are never alone. You are not alone. Never give up!

Your angels stand beside you!

Much Love and Angel Blessings,

Rev. Sheri

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9 replies
  1. Meg
    Meg says:

    Thank you Rev Sheri!!
    Perfect timing to find this article – thank you so much sharing your story and putting it online.
    Its a ray of sunshine in a week when I’ve been wondering everything you mentioned and starting to really lose hope and believe that maybe the dark is the only place for me (after a lifetime of it and working hard for it not to be so and then obstacle after obstacle (repeat for 50 years!:) and really just giving in to thinking nothing can ever get better).
    So many thanks – I feel less alone in our shared ‘experience’ and will find my faith in the ‘other world’ again, and optimism for now.
    Bless you a thousand million times (repeat for the next 50 years!!:) and thanks for the relief.
    Much love, Meg Xox 0:)

  2. sharon kearney
    sharon kearney says:

    yes thank you for the touching message ive just read very meaningful and supportive i also have been through so much heartache in my life but im still standing just! angel messenger is a lovely newsletter god bless you rev sheri peace and love x

    • Rev. Sheri
      Rev. Sheri says:

      Thank you for your kindness, Sharon. I think surviving heartache makes us more compassionate people, and the world really needs compassionate people. So, please keep standing sister. Love and Blessings to you! 🙂

  3. Mary
    Mary says:

    Thank you so much Rev Sheri for your kindness and loving compassion in writing this article for us – so deeply touching and such huge encouragement and support and for connecting us with that beautiful song. I’m very grateful for your beautiful heart. Thank you. Mary, Dublin. xxxxxxx


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