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by Heidi, contributing writer for Angel Messenger

Life brings us many experiences; some are rewarding, yet some are challenging.  During times of challenges, it can be overwhelming.  There are many spiritual resources available that can help bring forth healing to a life challenge you may be experiencing.  You may be drawn to one in particular, or resonate with many resources.  Below is a list of spiritual resources that may help you along your journey:

Prayer – Spoken or written prayer can help release the energy of worries and concerns that weigh heavily on the mind.  Prayer brings forth healing, and often our prayers are answered in ways we may not expect.  Releasing the situation to a Higher Source can help bring forth more peace. If you don’t know what to prayer try a book with prayers like 365 Days of Prayer. Rev. Sheri wrote a prayer that is included in it.

Books – While visiting your library or bookstore, explore what topics speak to you.  You may feel guided to research a specific topic and find the perfect book for your current challenge to help guide you through  your next steps. You can also find resources online.

Law of Attraction – Sometimes relationships, jobs, activities, or even material objects you once enjoyed can change over time.  You may feel guided to release or change things in your life that no longer matches your values or energy.

Workshops, Classes and Seminars – There are many classes available to explore almost any topic.  Many classes can be found online, although spiritual magazines often post workshops and seminars.  Attending a workshop may open a door to a new friendship with a like-minded soul.

Healers – There are many types of healers that can offer support.  If you are seeking guidance, you may want to explore a specific type of healer:

  • Life Coach – Helps with setting life goals and works with you to accomplish them.  They will help you get a plan of action, but you must do the work.  They are your cheerleaders and will have your very best interest at heart.
  • Energy Worker – They help to release blocked energy, bringing balance to the body.  Energy work can be very powerful in helping calm, relax and bring forth great healing to the body.  There are many types of energy healing methods to explore, such as Reiki, Acupuncture, Emotional Freedom Technique, Healing Touch, Pranic Healing, and more.
  • Mediumship Reading – A Medium helps connect you to a departed loved one.  Having a Mediumship reading may bring forth great healing from misunderstandings that weren’t resolved before a loved one’s time of death.  They can also bring forth loving messages from deceased friends, family members, and even pets.
  • Past Life Regression – Having a past life regression from a qualified practitioner can help you explore if there are negative patterns or energy that is carried over from a past life that is causing you pain in this life.
  • Licensed Therapists and Counselors – There are licensed professionals who are trained in helping others heal from trauma, addiction, abuse or other challenges.  Many therapists are specialized in specific areas of concern.

You never have to go through challenges alone, there are many healing resources available.  You are meant to have peace, love, light and happiness in your life.  If you are experiencing challenges, please consider researching the list of spiritual support resources and explore an area that resonates with you.

Angel blessings,

Heidi Mentink

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Heidi is a published author and wonderful Angel card reader who has trained with numerous spiritual teachers from all over the world - including Doreen Virtue and the Boulder Psychic Institute. She was one of our original Tested and Trusted Angel Messenger Practitioners and has been a contributing author here at Angel Messenger.

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