Good afternoon everyone!  I hope you’re all excited for the long weekend.  🙂  In the U.S., this coming Monday is Memorial Day where we take some time to celebrate and remember those we have loved and lost – especially the military. 

I’ve been thinking a lot lately about my dog, Cheyenne.  She passed away a few years ago from cancer.  This holiday isn’t just about national heroes for me but personal ones as well, and she was a hero to me just because of who she was.  And I think it’s pretty clear she watches over us still.

This past weekend was our son’s birthday.  He turned 11 on Saturday.  On the way back from the movies, we stopped at our local pet store (Joey’s – love this place!), and it just so happened that Last Chance Rescue was there.  It just so happened that this was the same rescue group we had gotten Chey from years ago, and she had also been a birthday present for our son.  Well, as I’m sure you can guess … we have a new family member!

RileysleepingRiley is a sweet little boy who turned 11 weeks old today.  He has the most beautiful amber/golden eyes.  It’s funny to hear him play and try to bite his toys … because he doesn’t have all his teeth yet, his little mouth makes a funny sound when his gums slap together.  He’s also very clumsy and is afraid of stairs.  When he wakes up, he needs a hug before he can go out to potty.  He is most definitely a little bundle of love!  😉

It’s difficult to explain all the signs that we have seen, but it has been very obvious to all of us that this little guy was a gift from Chey.  He’s a very similar mixed breed to what she was and has similar markings, although she was black and white where he is a rust color with white.

We’ve all been feeling a bit down after coming back from our beautiful trip out west, so I guess it has been decided that we all needed a lot of extra playtime because puppies certainly require you to play.

There are so many things he does that remind me of my Cheyenne, too.  Looking at him makes me miss her terribly, but it also reminds me how much I loved her.  I’ve never had a puppy before, so I don’t know what is normal, but this particular puppy cannot get enough love.

By the way, Roger predicted this particular family member months ago – his description was dead on accurate.  🙂

I hope you all have a wonderful holiday weekend, and, as you remember those you have loved and lost, allow your heart to be filled with the love you had for them.  Bring that love back into your current life – maybe it’s just a moment you take to enjoy the sunshine and breathe it in.  Or, maybe you’ll open your heart to a new family member, too!  There are so many lost little furry Angels out there who need help.  <3

Much Love & Angel Blessings,


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  1. margo
    margo says:

    Oh my- what a cutie! Glad to see your newest family member. :)We have a new addition too- a little kitty that showed up very hungry (you could feel her ribs and spine)and scared in our backyard. She was only about 9-10 weeks old. After a few weeks of feeding and lots of attention she is looking very healthy and happy now. It’s funny how animals find you. Four years ago our other cat Cami found us- only 5 weeks old she was crying- hungry and lonely- in our neighbor’s garden. She healed my heart, as my 17 year old cat had passed away about 5 months before and I swore I would never have another animal because of that loss. It’s funny too, because about 3 weeks before Cami’s arrival I said- ok God and Universe, if you think I’m ready for another animal, then bring me one to take care of, lol. I’m sure you will have so many wonderful times with Riley!!:)


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