Angel Messenger
Monthly Facebook Prize Giveaway

by Re, founder of Angel Messenger

UPDATE: This offer will end March 31st, 2022 due to low participation.
After about a year of trying this, I was hoping adding this article would help explain what I’m trying to do, but I guess our FB users don’t want free stuff. So, we will change this up. Instead, we will offer this giveaway to those who have invested in us. See our new Monthly Ally Giveaway.

Each month, a random Facebook user is chosen to win a prize. This winner may be chosen based on their activity on our page, or they may be chosen at random. It will depend on the activity on the page during that month.

Since our ultimate goal is to create change on a global level, we are changing it so that our monthly winner now chooses where that $25 win goes. They can chose to keep it, as a gift card for our store. (However, we cannot be paying additional shipping.) Or, that person can choose to donate that $25 to one of our Charity Projects.
With all the money we give, we just cannot afford to also pay international shipping rates for prizes. Our limit for this monthly prize is $25. The winner can either choose to keep that prize or donate it with love to a good cause, as we do with every sale. If you can’t or don’t want to pay shipping for $25 in free products, you can choose good karma instead.
Winners will have seven (7) days to claim their prize by following the directions given. If prize is not claimed after 7 days, prize is forfeit, and Re will choose a charity to receive the prize.

You may still see some old language on posts until we can get everything updated, but our hope is that this will foster more compassion and cooperation. ❤

If you have been directed to this page because you are a winner, please follow the directions you were given to claim your prize.


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