Holiday Charity Drive and Giveaway

by Re, founder of Angel Messenger
Week 1 Winner: Jennifer J. has chosen a Santa Ornament.
Week 2 Winner: Sherri M. chose a Radiant Heart Ornament.
Week 3 Winner: Therese C. has chosen the last Angel Paper Bead Ornament.
Week 4 Winner: Andrea J. has chosen the Christmas Unicorn Felt Ornament.
Week 5 Winner: Tomasin W. has chosen the Embroidered Song Bird Ornament.
Week 6 Winner: Daniel K. has been contacted.
Week 7 Winner: Kari B. has been contacted.
Week 8 Winner: Amber A. has chosen The Champagne Dreams Flying Wish Paper.
Grand Prize Winner: Winner donated prize to Pit Pals Charity Project.

In total, we have donated $165 to the Lakota School, which was just over 11% of all our Holiday Sales. In addition, we gave away all the prizes you see above, donated to the Covenant House which feeds homeless teens and made a donation for shelter pets.

This year, our Holiday Charity Drive will be focusing on a new charity – the St. Joseph’s Indian School who serves Lakota (Sioux) children, and there is a story behind this. Of course, we are also doing a giveaway, so every dollar you spend in our Angel Messenger store throughout the Holiday Season enters you to win one of our prizes.

How did I choose this school? Well, it has to do with the children I discuss working with in this video.  At first, this school had sent me a few pieces of mail that went directly in the recycling bin, and I feel badly about that now … it was because I judged them. I thought the name of their school was the same as the school having to do with Orange Shirt Day, and the fact that it is also a Catholic School made me upset because I felt like it was a school just like the ones who had harmed the children who had been buried. Every piece of mail they sent went into the trash … until they sent a packet with stuff from their children.

Then the stuff sat on a table for a few weeks. I sort-of looked at it, but I was still upset that it was another religious school taking the Native out of the Native, but the children who had been buried spoke to me and asked me to really look, so I did. They asked me to donate to them, which made me upset, but they told me this would help to repair the bridge that had been broken. So, I decided to honor their wishes by making this our Holiday Charity Drive.

When I actually sat down and took the time to look into this school, it was not what I expected at all. They honor the Native, and they do not appear to be forcing their religion on anyone. In fact, they appear to help teach and protect their culture. Sioux Nation was once a proud and strong nation, but is now one of the poorest in America. This school helps to support children and families. I can now see why the children asked me to help them. Will you help?

You can make a donation to the school directly here:

You can also donate through our store which enters you into our giveaway: Donate to our Fur Friends or Guardian Angel Projects

Every dollar you spend is an entry into our giveaway, and a percentage of our sales will be donated as well. We want to give at least 11% but don’t want to promise a certain percentage because we also have several deals, prizes and promotions floating around, so your donations are very helpful. We are hoping the prizes that we are offering will inspire you to donate. <3

Holiday Charity Drive Giveaway Prizes:

Grand Prize: $25 Store Gift Certificate

Weekly Prize 1: Flying Wish Paper Kit – or –

Weekly Prize 2: Single Holiday Ornament 

I hope you’ll enjoy purchasing gifts from our store because they do make a difference! O:)

Love & Blessings,


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