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Monthly Ally Giveaway

by Re, founder of Angel Messenger

**We now give every physical order a Free Gift from their Angels.**

Are you an ally? Do you want to be? We do great work here at Angel Messenger, and we would love for you to help us do more of that work. With every purchase you make, and especially with every donation, you help us to do good work in this world. You become our “ally” in our “good works”.

We want to encourage people to become an ally, so we have created a monthly giveaway designed to say a special “Thank you” to a random ally every month. This may be in the form of a product or products from our store, or we may offer you a gift card for our store.

Right now, we are only able to give one gift a month, but we hope more sales will allow us to do more. Remember, part of the reason we only give one gift here is because we are also giving to charities.

This is how it works …

  • Downloading any item from our store (even a free item) = 1 entry into the monthly giveaway.
  • Making a donation along with that download (no matter the dollar amount, but may you be blessed for donating more) = 1 entry
  • Making a purchase in our store = 1 entry
  • Making a purchase over $50 = 2 entries
  • Making a purchase over $100 = 3 entries
  • Making a purchase over $150 = 4 entries
  • Adding a donation to your purchase (no matter the dollar amount, but may you be blessed for donating more) = 1 entry
  • Making a donation in our store (no matter the dollar amount, but may you be blessed for donating more) = 1 entryYou can also choose for your prize to become a donation to a worthy cause, if that is your wish.

I hope you’ll consider becoming an ally of our work and enjoy shopping from our store because you will make a difference! O:)

Love & Blessings,


November Winner: TBD
October Winner: Mary S.
September Winner: Erica B.
August Winner: Tomasin W.
July Winner: Aisling C.
June Winner: Elizabeth F.
May Winner: Kim. V
April Winner: Marissa G

About Re (Rev. Sheri)

Re is the founder of Angel Messenger and an advocate for spiritual growth and education. She is dedicated to helping others grow on their spiritual path and to remember who they truly are. Learn more about Re here.

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