Life Lessons from the Real Earth Angels: Our Beloved Pets

by Elizabeth Hudson, guest writer for Angel Messenger

Some of the fondest memories of childhood were the days I would run through my yard with skinned knees and wild hair with my dogs and cats along for the ride. I was fortunate enough to grow up in a simple, small town where the neighbors’ pets ran free and had daily visits with me after school. As a kid, I spent about as much time with my school friends as I did with my pets. I can still sense their perky faces and shrill barks and meows as they bounced along with me while climbing trees, playing hide and seek, or even laying in the grass staring up at the sky with doggie kisses smothering my face.

It is only when I become completely separated from animal life in college that life can start to feel more distant and superficial. College is a great life experience too, but it can miss the “small precious moments” with the stress of deadlines, parties, identity crises, and career counseling. Not to mention, pets were not allowed in the dorms.

After college, I had various desk jobs until I became a nurse. It was in this environment that I began to truly value how much love and compassion means to those who are sick or have a broken spirit. I have seen every type of human emotion in the doctor’s office from rage, anger, devastation, confusion, denial, and sadness that all needed a shoulder to lean on. Humans often have a hard time dealing with emotions, especially with strangers. I would often hear doctors or nurses say, “You have to separate yourself from it and not let it get to you”. This is most likely why some patients get a totally disconnected and apathetic nurse or doctor in some experiences because they have numbed themselves to all human emotion.

That’s where I remembered places that use “therapy pets” which has clinically been proved to increase feelings of joy and happiness. Sick children and even patients with dementia or cancer respond to the touch of an animal, even with a smile on their face. Pets have a way to spark a language of love with humans that alters their state of mind. There are so many people I have met that say they cannot get this same feeling from their families, friends, or co-workers.

When it comes down to the final point, God really does know what he is doing. He knew that humans would have a hard time honoring unconditional love with each other, so he gave us the forever loving and loyal, domesticated cat and dog. Our pets have the ability to love us unconditionally whether we are rich or poor, happy or sad, thick or thin, tall or short, and the list keeps going on. Not to mention, in modern times there is a growing bond between humans and guinea pigs, mice, pigs, squirrels, and even raccoons. If you are wondering what I am referring to, take a look at the inspiring rescue stories of Pumpkin the Raccoon and TinTin the Squirrel who now are growing in popularity on FaceBook and Instagram. And yes, they do have a much larger following than me because they have the natural ability to bring laughter to children and joy on people’s faces just by being themselves.

The lesson in love is right there. If these creatures of God can live in harmony and peace with us, even though we are not the same species and can’t speak the same language, then it is time for humans to pick up the queue and begin living in love the way God intended for us all to exist.

Elizabeth Hudson

About the Writer:

Elizabeth Hudson is a southern “girl” raised on the coastline of North Carolina. She is an advocate for human and animals rights, she enjoys using products that are Vegan or Cruelty-Free.  She believes every little effort makes a difference and it is rewarding to grow an audience that shares the same views.  Elizabeth created the website La Vie Angelique to inspire love and creativity through art and writing, you can learn more about her and visit her site:

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