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Blessings, beautiful Angels of light. Yes, you are an Angel, come to earth to experience living in the physical world, with all of its challenges. And being human does have its challenges, among them, difficulties in relationships with others. If you are troubled by the hurt or betrayal of another person – be they a loved one, co-worker, friend, neighbor, even a stranger – and forgiving a wrong seems too difficult an obstacle to overcome, it can be helpful to find a quiet space and ruminate upon this:

We live on a tiny blue planet, third from the Sun, spinning on its axis in a universe so immense, scientists cannot measure it. Though our solar system seems huge – the sun, the moon, the stars, and on a clear summer night, the twinkling orbs that are Mars and Venus – it is tiny on the scale of the universe itself. Not only that, everything in our world that we can see and touch – our furniture, our children, our pets – is made up of 99.999% empty space! In quantum reality, everything is appearing and disappearing in bursts of light millions of times each second! So, we are really not physical beings at all – we are tiny dots of light, divine light, and empty space – in a phrase, we are pieces of Spirit in physical bodies. Yes, we are Angels!

It is a miracle, really, that anyone of us is here. It is a miracle, too, that we live in the most beneficent society ever created in the history of this little blue planet. Puts things a little bit in perspective, doesn’t it? Takes the sting of hurt and betrayal away, yes? Suddenly, that betrayal, big or small, might be less overwhelming, considering the miracle-abundant world we find ourselves in, shimmering dots of light that we are, thriving on this blue planet beneath sparkling heavens.

Consider a little dot of light I heard about recently. Her story is worth telling in the context of our topic – forgiveness. I’ve changed the names but this tale is based on a true story, it’s an amazing, uplifting tale of triumph over adversity.

Lucy was born into a family of intellectuals in pre-war Germany. To the Nazis, professors were undesirables, enemies of the state, and Lucy’s family was interned in a concentration camp. Lucy was 12. She and her mother were in a camp together; her siblings and father were taken away. For five years, starved and beaten, seeing fellow prisoners being dragged away daily or dying in her arms, Lucy endured the rigors and punishments of the Nazi camp. Their barracks was watched over by a regular guard, Gustav, a cruel, heartless man who rendered unspeakable atrocities upon his prisoners.

After the liberation, Lucy, nearly dead from starvation, requiring numerous surgeries and years of rehabilitation to regain her health, moved with her mother to North America. She made a home, married and had children. One autumn day as she was driving through the countryside, she saw a sign for specialty farm products. She pulled off the road. The pleasant farmer’s wife put together her package and as they chatted, an elderly farmer came out of the barn. Lucy dropped her package, the farmer dropped his tools. Both regained their composure. “My husband, Gustav,” his wife said. “So, we meet again,” Lucy said. Gustav went white, the blood drained from his face, his knees buckled and he fell.

Bending to help him up, Lucy leaned in and said, “I forgive you. I will never tell. You’re safe. But I want you to pray, help everyone you can and do good service on this earth, for the rest of your life.” “I promise,” Gustav replied, his breath shallow, his voice a choked whisper. “Thank you.”

Lucy pulled Gustav to his feet, stood and thanked his wife. As she drove away, she heard the wife say “Who is that, Gustav, who makes you tremble so?” Gustav replied, “A lady with a big heart and a loving soul. An Angel from heaven.”

This is what forgiveness calls us to be – Angels from heaven. Remember, we are, after all, on the quantum level, tiny vibrating dots of light, pieces of eternity, pieces of the divine whole – Angels. Angels in heaven lift up the righteous and the unrighteous. We cannot know why bad things happen to good people. We cannot know why good people do bad things. It is said that to err is human, to forgive is divine. It is God’s place to judge; it is ours to forgive.

What happened to Lucy was wrong. What happened to you was wrong. It may have hurt you deeply, scarred you for life, you may need a lifetime of therapy, physical, emotional or spiritual to reconcile it. But we do not know what lessons we have come to this tiny blue planet to learn. We do not know why we suffer. That is for Spirit to know. We must accept and learn. Life is short. Your life is laid out before you like a Shining Path of possibility. You have this one life – will you allow a terrible betrayal or a deeply hurtful situation to keep you from fulfilling your life’s purpose? From being happy? From walking that shining path? This life is yours! Holding onto the wound of betrayal hurts only you. The perpetrator of the wound has his or her own life’s path; their lessons will come, now, or later. Their soul will stand to be judged by the divine creator, just as yours will. Your forgiveness is not for them. Your forgiveness of another is for you, it is the casting off of the shackles that bind you to the past, releasing you to move forward, free to embrace the potential of who you are, who you can be in your shimmering future.

As you think on betrayal and on forgiveness, ask yourself, am I perfect? Have I ever hurt others? Think of Jesus the Christ who said as he hung on the cross, “Father, forgive them, for they know not what they do.” (Luke 23:24) Through forgiveness, he was drawn up into his Father’s house, into the light of the divine. See the person who hurt you as ignorant, fallible and fearful, another little dot of light on this blue planet, trying to find their way. You do not know their trials and tribulations. They, too, have been wounded. They, too, are imperfect. Do not forget what they have done, for it will serve as a lesson to you in your future human interactions. But forgiveness will free you to be drawn up into a higher vibration of love and light. You will find your way forward, purified of the negativity of this past experience. Your way ahead will be illuminated by your wisdom. You will be expressing your true self, just as Lucy did. For you, too, are an Angel from heaven. You may come one day to see the act of betrayal or hurt as a gift that helped you to shine your spark of divine light even brighter in this world. Indeed, to forgive is divine.

Much Love & Angel Blessings,

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