As Doreen virtue’s “Synchronicity” Oracle Card explains, synchronicity is “those ‘chance meetings’, information that you just ‘happen’ to receive.”  Sometimes these events take place in order to guide us in a particular direction or to give us answers to our prayers, and sometimes they are simply meant to confirm what we already know. This happened for Roger recently.
YellowstoneAs you may already know, Roger will soon be moving to Yellowstone. When I asked him why, he said that his Angels and guides had given him the guidance to go there, though he really had no idea why. He was just trusting his intuition.
As it happened, Roger was part of a group meant to go to a church and give messages from Spirit. This church was about an hour or so away and one he had not been to in many years. During the event, the audience was broken down into groups with a medium in each group.
After the event, Roger ran into a man who said he was sorry that he hadn’t been put into Roger’s group because he had really wanted to speak with him. Roger told the man that maybe next time he would be in his group, but the man said, “No, actually I’m moving to Montana. I won’t be here.”
Roger asked the man why he was moving out there, and the man told him that he had no idea why but just felt the call to go. So, here Roger was in a “chance” meeting with someone who was going to the same place he was being guided to and both for reasons that neither knew. This is what’s called a synchronistic event. Roger met his new roommate that day, and they will be traveling to Yellowstone together.  Isn’t it interesting how life works out?

Angel Blessings,


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  1. cheri
    cheri says:

    Oh Roger, Roger….wherefore art thou, o Roger? Departest thou this plane from Montana or from Florida? How to find thee now? Not in Cincinnati like so long ago, I know! Lol 😅 Huge apologies to you for then, my old friend. Blessed be, o Roger

    • Re (Rev. Sheri)
      Re (Rev. Sheri) says:

      Hi Cheri, I’m sorry to say that Roger has passed away. It has been several years now. This post is actually 10 years old. Roger was a great man, though. Whatever apologies you might feel need to be made are not weighing on his heart; please do not let them weigh on yours. He would not want that. <3

  2. Roger
    Roger says:

    Toral,sounds like you had a call from heaven. If you cannot figure it out what it means or who it’s from, you can trust that they will continue to send you signs and signals until you do understand.I look forward to hearing the follow-up story.

    Janicee, I look forward to reading your book when you get it wrote. I appreciate the invitation and might have to take you up on it.
    Thanks, Roger

  3. Janicee
    Janicee says:

    Reading this is synchronistic event for me this morning.
    I live in Livingston, MT the Gateway to Yellowstone.
    I am fighting my way out of a stuck situation in a bad marriage & have been using angel cards & therapy to deal with it. I could write a book on the synchronistic events that have happened to me over the last 7 months. Actually, I plan to.
    If Roger or his friend need a friendly local at some point, have them contact me!

  4. Toral
    Toral says:


    It is an amazing read. I want to share with you something my friend called me up 2 hours before and she said you know what Toral all your contacts have suddenly appeared on my phone. We both cant understand we live in same state and are 1 hour away each other. I dont have internet on phone so I cant transfer data ,bluetooth is out of question . I love to check the blogs at this website and I suddenly read the one by Rogers and I got my answer.

    I still have no idea what it means but I know what this transmission is.



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