I am more excited for the future than I remember being in a very, very long time.  If you have not yet heard the news, I am working with some amazing people here at Angel Messenger.  It took me the whole month of February, but I went through the process and found the right people.

It was really amazing how this all came together.  When the idea came to me, it was one of those things that I just knew was right.  (My strongest gift is my Clairsentience – clearly knowing things.)  Actually, I don’t even remember when I decided or what I was doing when the decision was made; it was more like an idea that I simply remembered

When you follow Divine guidance, it’s true things can fall into place so easy, but I was still surprised at the number of people who sent in applications.  Many did not meet the requirements I had set forth … at least five years of experience, etc, but even those applications had a message for me.  Some of those who applied simply had an interest in doing what I do or they simply wanted to learn to connect for themselves.  This was a message for me that I was on the right path because teaching others how to connect like I do was one of the original reasons I began doing this in the first place. 

When I first started Angel Messenger, my dream was to create a center where people could come and learn about all kinds of information from philosophy and math and science to the psychic arts and using intuition.  It was a beautiful dream of a school that would bring the best of the best from around the world to create THE CENTER for learning.  Though things in our world have greatly changed since then, I still have a dream, and I’m starting to see parts of it take hold.  I am starting to bring together some of the best, and they are now available for readings here on my site. 

Do you want to know the most amazing part for me personally?  Well, I have suffered from migraines for most of my adult life.  In recent years, my symptoms have become almost unbearable.  I am sensitive to so many things that it’s difficult to know what might set off an attack.  In fact, I had a migraine for almost all of December.  Then, on New Year’s Eve, I started getting a severe sore throat that eventually turned into pneumonia.  Through several doctor visits and even a not so fun hospital visit, I’m finally on the mend.  I still have a cough and can’t talk too long without consequences, but I’m getting better.  Through all that, my guides were sending me message after message that I simply ignored. 

You might think that someone like me should be an expert as receiving and following my own guidance, but that’s not always the case.  I am a Scorpio, and one of my traits is that I’m extremely stubborn about certain things.  Every time I started to feel better, my first thought was that I needed to get back to work.  Guess what happened then …. yep, I got sicker.  Every single time.  It was like a cruel joke.  I would feel better, my spirits would be up, then I would crash and burn.  It was no fun at all.  But then I started having some crazy dreams and sleeping so hard I didn’t dream at all … or so I thought, but that’s probably where all my best ideas come from – the ideas I get in my sleep that I think I don’t remember, but my soul remembers, and that’s how I just remember things.  The point is I finally listened, and the most amazing part for me personally is that I have not had one migraine yet this year!  (Knock on wood.)

Needless to say, I am happy and really looking forward to the future.  If you have not had the chance to check out the new people I’m working with, please do be sure to do so.  You will not be disappointed.  Valerie is an highly intuitive Angel Reader, Christina is an Angel Reader who also specializes in helping clients on their career path, Fawn is an incredibly accurate Psychic, and Roger is a wonderful Medium.  All four of these individuals went through an extensive interview process with me and then were tested by three Angel Messenger clients each.  Actually, my husband was one of the clients who tested these readers.  Though he is not technically a “client” of mine, he does play a big role in the work I do and has had many readings in the past.  I definitely trust his opinion.

You’ll also notice that all next week these readers are offering mini readings for only $20.  This is only going on next week as an introductory offer.  If you’re interested in trying out one or even all of these readers, you should check out the schedule soon as some schedules are starting to fill up.  This really is a great deal.  My original rate was $80 for an hour session.  Right now, you can talk to four different extremely talented practitioners for 15 minutes each (one hour total) for $80!  Actually, I’m going to schedule myself, too.  I know some of you might feel “different” about working with someone else, but I wouldn’t have brought them onto my team without knowing they are good.  And, part of the reason we’re offering the introductory mini readings is so that you can know they’re good, too.  😉  So, do something nice for yourself … schedule a reading.

Wishing you all a wonderful weekend,



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2 replies
  1. pat
    pat says:

    WOW, dear Rev Sheri, I am so happy for you…

    and for anyone wondering the way back from burnout who reads your posts,

    and for all of us reminded how practical to pause and listen without giving up the dream…

    and for myself ! I just followed your advice to “do something nice for myself” and accepted one of the mini reading slots.
    wish I could take full credit for knowing to do so–I knew whose area of expertise could help me but was most adamantly “guided” as to exactly which time and which day–
    so after I find out why, I can let you know…

    meanwhile, I keep the faith, and, as always, thank you for virtual rest stop on the information superhighway


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