After my mother passed away, I wanted to create a special gift for my sisters.  My mother had a special connection with trees, and I found these beautiful pendants with three branches that made up a tree.  It just so happens that there are three of us myself and my two sisters, so it was the perfect piece.  I created this beautiful story to go along with the pendants …

3 branch tree pendantThree branches from one tree grew up reaching out and upward from the loving direction of the tree trunk. The tree trunk kept them grounded, safe, encouraged, and loved. As they grew the branches started to be aware of each other and started encouraging each other to grow upward and reach for the sky.

Throughout time they would come to encourage each other to reach for the sky and trust each other. The trunk of the tree was always there watching the branches with pride and honor, however all along knowing there would come the day when she would pass on to the afterlife. When that day came, the tree trunk passed on her final loving words to them, “When the tree falls, break off, implant in the earth together and the strength and love that you share will guide you up to the sky and become a new strong tree.”

The three branches didn’t really understand but as the tree trunk started to fall and eventually hit the ground the tree branches twisted around each other to help themselves break free and threw themselves hard toward the earth. The three were so intertwined that it was easier to dig themselves deep into the earth. If you go out into the woods you will see the beautiful three branches intertwined in love, support, and connected to each other creating a tall, strong and the most beautiful tree you will ever see next to the spot where their loving tree trunk once grew. The three branches each in their own way bring a piece of the tree trunk in this new intertwined tree to show, love, support, strength and beauty to everyone who connects with them.

It was my hope that, when my sisters and myself wear this pendant, we will think of the story of the three branches coming together to show everyone how mom’s love is guiding us to intertwine and become strong together. We will carry moms love, strength, humor, and her spirit forward and she will forever guide us on our journeys. We will ALWAYS be intertwined together.

I love both of my sisters, and my life would’ve been VERY boring if I didn’t have them!

Love & Blessings,


About Kathi

Kathi has been doing psychic readings for over 10 years and is both a psychic medium and an animal communicator. She has trained with famous psychic medium John Holland and studied mediumship at Arthur Findley College in Stansted England. Kathi is also a Doreen Virtue and Radleigh Valentine certified Angel Tarot card reader. She was one of our original Tested and Trusted Angel Messenger Practitioners and is currently a contributing author here at Angel Messenger.

"I asked for HELP and got it in a big way from Kathi. She was full of information, messages and helped me to see how my life unfolded, what I have completed and how to move forward with love and support from the Universe. She was right on with everything and I sure feel a lot better about my future. Thanks a million Kathi!"
~ Angel Messenger Client

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