Overcoming Addictions: How Angels Can Help

Overcoming addiction can seem impossible, but you don’t have to fight this battle by yourself. The angels can help us break free from addictive patterns. Keep reading to learn how you can enlist their loving support.

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If you are battling addictions here are some ways Angels can help you.

Addiction Begins in Pain

Addictions may be mild or severe. They can cover a wide variety of things: substance abuse, cellphone addiction, sugar, soda, food, sex, drama, emotions, shopping, working, the internet, etc.

It doesn’t really matter what the “substance” is. Addiction is addiction. And one thing’s for sure: addictions are pain killers, whether that’s for physical pain, emotional pain or unresolved trauma. Addictions are an attempt to escape stress and pain. As Eckhart Tolle says, “Addictions begin and end with pain.”

We turn to addictions to help us when we don’t have better tools to deal with our pain. So, overcoming addictions isn’t only about stopping the addictive behavior. It’s also about healing the pain so the addictive behavior is no longer needed to numb it.

It might seem “correct” to indulge in self-hate, self-criticism and self-judgment because of an addiction. But this will only make it harder to overcome. Instead, acknowledge what the addiction has been for you, and what function it has served.

Archangel Gabriel Helps Us Get Clear About Addiction

When we’re struggling with addictions, they can make us feel confused and trapped. Archangel Gabriel helps us get clear about our addictions, and see them for what they really are.

Gabriel also helps us uncover what triggers the addiction. Is it loneliness, emptiness, anger, grief, trauma? As your awareness grows, you can start to heal the root issue.

For example, individuals may seek out substances, like alcohol or drugs, to get the relief they need. And it’s understandable why they do this. Their pain is real. However, with time, Gabriel can help us identify our pain and seek out alternative behaviors, rather than the addictive ones.

Decide to Overcome Addiction

Once we’re aware of the addiction and behaviors we want to change, it’s time to make an important decision: That you want to change. When we sincerely want something, the angels will help us.

They cannot do the work for us, and they cannot control our thoughts or decisions. Only we can. And once we make this important decision, it opens the door for angels to help us.

Archangel Raphael Helps Us Dissolve Addictive Behaviors

“Raphael” means “God heals”, and this powerful Archangel can help us heal the real problems driving addiction. He does this my guiding us to the healers who can help us. This may look like professional therapy, the right resources, energy healing, and more.

You can actively engage with Raphael by envisioning yourself surrounded in his energy. Feel yourself protected within an emerald green aura. As you do, ask him to help you heal on mental, emotional, spiritual and physical level.

If you feel strong or unstoppable urges, pray to Raphael. Many people find that he helps diminish these powerful desires and help us move in another direction.

Archangel Michael Give Us Strength 

For centuries, Michael has been recognized as a protector, and the leader of angelic forces against evil. What battle are you fighting? What are you wrestling with? Invoke Michael. He never leaves us hanging.

Ask Michael to cut the cords of your addiction – the chains that imprison you in this unsatisfying, addictive world. He can help us break our dependency.

And as you transition out of addiction, envision yourself surrounded by Michael’s aura – a deep blue energy. Let it remind you that you are safe, strong and resilient, and that you have the strength to overcome addiction.

Imagine Yourself Free of the Addiction

What will your life look like once you’ve broken free of your addiction?

How will you feel?

What will you do?

Who will you be able to spend more time with?

Imagine everything that will be available to you once you heal deep pain. See your future self as happy and light. The life you envision is available to you, and you can obtain it.

The Angels Can Help You Break Free of Addictions

No matter how difficult your current experience is, you are never alone. Our angelic allies are always ready and willing to help us. The most powerful step you can take is to ask them for their support.

See yourself surrounded by Gabriel, Raphael and Michael. See your guardian angel by your side, too. Overcoming addiction may seem insurmountable – a herculean feat. But you don’t have to struggle on your own. Call on the angels, and their help is yours.

Getting Help For Substance Abuse

If you or a family member are battling substance abuse, we recommend visiting the Subsatance Abuse & Mental Health Services National Help Hotline.

SAMHSA’s National Helpline – 1-800-662-HELP (4357)

SAMHSA’s National Helpline is a free, confidential, 24/7, 365-day-a-year treatment referral and information service (in English and Spanish) for individuals and families facing mental and/or substance use disorders.

To learn more visit their website: https://www.samhsa.gov/find-help/national-helpline

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