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Learn a Brief History of Your Amazing Angels Today

The word angel is derived from the Greek “aggelos,” or “messenger.” Angels have long been the stuff of religion and myth, and these other-worldly beings,
Opal Angel Card Extended Description - Messages from Your Angels Oracle Cards by Doreen Virtue
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The Opal card can represent much more than what it appears to be. We've received many questions like, "But I don't have children ... what could this possibly mean for me?" This is a card that everyone can connect to because everyone was once…
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Feathers are Signs from Angels

As you may know, a common Sign from Heaven is to see white feathers. I tend to see feathers myself, and it's always at a time when I've asked for a sign or need some help. Last March, I was in Toronto for the Angel Card Certification class…
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Signs and Messages from Heaven

I have been blessed and very grateful to have been receiving, and paying attention to, signs that I get from those in heaven every day, whether it be a visual sign, an angel cloud, animals, birds, house pets, a verbal sign, a song, hearing my…
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Love From Grandpa

Even after all these years of working with Angels and Loved Ones in Heaven, I find that I'm often surprised when one of my own loved ones sends me a message. I know it happens and frequently discover messages left for others, and I often receive…
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Ride the Wave

One of the things that I hated leaving behind most was access to the ocean. There’s just something about being near it that’s calming to me, and I was always comforted by the fact I could get there anytime I wanted or needed to. What follows is an excerpt of my account of an actual event that took place during my last visit to the shore before I left NJ. I realize it’s a little longer than a typical post, but I hope you find it worth the read!