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Meditative Moments - Archangels Meditation Music

Be sure to take a moment out for yourself today. I hope you will enjoy this meditative moment ...
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Weightless Meditation

I'm small enough that, if I fold my legs, I can float in my bathtub. Lying there floating, being gently massaged by the warm water was such a wonderfully calming feeling. I slipped right into a meditative state and was able to
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Meditative Moments - Meet Your Angel

I don't know about you, but this means I need a bit of extra support. Enjoy this short angel meditation, and know you are supported by all of Heaven.
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Meditative Moments - Beautiful Healing Music

Some great meditation music to get the week going.  Just play this in the background while you're busy doing other things.  Have a great day!  ~ Sheri
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Beautiful Life Angel Meditation

This is beautiful ... For more spiritually angelic video, see the YouTube video player in the toolbar at the bottom of this page. Enjoy! ~ Sheri
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Meditative Moments: Brain Massage

School gets out for the summer this week, so I thought I'd better massage my poor brain now. ;) Seriously, it's going to be great having my son home, but it will be a busy couple of months. I hope you will enjoy this!
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Meditative Moments: Centering in the Craziness

So, on top of dreaming about planets flying off a birthday cake and coming after me, I'm stressing about projects that are currently driving me crazy.
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Meditative Moments: Me Time In The Rain

Schedule in an hour of time somewhere for yourself this week. Use this relaxing forest rain as your gentle timer, and have some "you" time.
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Meditative Moments: Angels, Chakras & Tarot

Hello! It's a new week and new meditation. This week I've selected a Chakra Clearing Meditation by Doreen Virtue, and below that you will find a video from Doreen introducing her newest oracle card deck - The Angel Tarot, which is now available.
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Meditative Moments Challenge

When I walked into my bathroom and looked out the window, I saw a bright yellow feather sitting atop my neighbor's roof which made me think of a little yellow canary singing his little happy song. That little imaginary bird inspired me to sing, too. And so, my meditative moment was singing in the shower, and it brought a new joy to my day! It was time for me, time to let go of everything and just be.