Over the last few weeks, I’ve been posting different meditations to help you find meditative moments in your day.  This week, I’m challenging you to find your own meditative moments, and please feel free to share your ideas below in the comments.  Maybe your idea will work for someone else.  😉


1. Listen to a bit of meditative music.

2. Cleanse & Charge your Aura.

3. Or, do the One Moment Meditation.

My meditative moment for today started right before my shower this morning.  When I walked into my bathroom and looked out the window, I saw a bright yellow feather sitting atop my neighbor’s roof which made me think of a little yellow canary singing his little happy song.  That little imaginary bird inspired me to sing, too.  And so, my meditative moment was singing in the shower, and it brought a new joy to my day!  It was time for me, time to let go of everything and just be.

Wishing you a joyful meditative moment,



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  1. Christina, Angel Messenger Practitioner
    Christina, Angel Messenger Practitioner says:

    These are lovely moments. I cherish that it doesn’t take much time to experience a meditative moment. If you aren’t sure, think of all those times when you arrived at your destination without recalling your route. You were in a meditative state. Now ask yourself what how you can create that state intentionally. I love pausing for a moment while cooking, brushing my teeth, doing dishes, etc. to connect to my heart and my soul and focus on my breathing. It only takes a minute to feel grounded and centered.

  2. JJ
    JJ says:

    I have a meditative moment every morning. I sip my herbal tea while watching the squirrels chase each other all over my back yard. Their antics bring me joy, while the tea relaxes and prepares me for the day.

  3. margo
    margo says:

    A wonderful meditative moment for me is when I step outside to walk the cat (yes, the cat) in the morning. It’s almost starting to get light and at this time of the year the robins are singing their beautiful morning song. I love to hear them (and the other songbirds) sing. It really lifts my spirits and touches my heart and I feel connected with the beauty in life 🙂


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