Today I read more than 40 submissions that came in over the last week for the “Ask Sheri” blog column, and so many of the questions were absolutely heartbreaking.  I have found that, especially when life seems like there isn’t a whole lot to be grateful for, being grateful for something seems to open the gates for manifestation.  When we focus so much of our energy on what we need (what we don’t have), we are actually manifesting that we will continue to need.

“I am surrounded by negativity …”  Saying this manifests that you will continue to be surrounded by negativity.

“Nothing I do ever works out for me.  My family is completely devastated financially …”  This is not what you want to manifest.  :(

I’ve been guided to help you understand the power of your words.  Please, don’t roll your eyes … I’m serious!  Words have a powerful impact on our lives.  Just saying, “I am grateful for the million dollars I won in the lottery” will not win you a million dollars.  We are not being ridiculous here, but focus your mind to the positive …

“I am surrounded by positive energy, and I create positive energy in my environment.”  Just raising your own energy increases the vibration of the energy in your environment.  This in itself is a great improvement over the previous statement.

“I am thankful for the blessings of health and love within my family …”  This is a start to improving that second statement above.  Even if you can’t bring yourself to find a positive outlook in one area of life, find gratitude for something else … “I am thankful for my adorable little girl…”

Okay, so we are going to have a contest!  From now until June 30th, 2012, we are having a Gratitude Contest.  Every day, every hour, whatever … come to this post and add a comment about something you are grateful for.  When the contest is over, I will choose a winner from the comments posted on this page, and that person will receive a Free 30 Minute Telephone Reading with the practitioner of their choice.  If there are more than 100 comments posted here, I will give away a second reading.  It would not be difficult to get 100 comments, so tell your friends!  Let your friends and family members help me give away $100 in Free Readings!!!

Gratitude has the power to bring a remarkable shift in your energy from what was negative to the now powerfully positive.  What are you grateful for?  Leave a comment below, and enter to win!


1.  You must be age 18 or older to win.

2. Your comment must be posted here on my blog in response to this post.

Good Luck!  :)

Angel Blessings,


The photo above was shared on Facebook, and I have posted it here to because it fits so well with the message.  If you are the creator, please let me know.  I will be happy to remove it or give you credit for the work, whichever you prefer. 

****UPDATE 7-5-12:  Winners are now posted!**** 

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