I’ve recently talked a bit about the power of our thoughts and words and the differences between being grateful or praying with worry in our hearts.  Your Beautiful Mind is a program that Angel Messenger has recently become affiliated with, and I wanted to pass on the information.  This program is designed to help you liberate yourself with a higher standard of thinking.  They have an eBook as well as mp3 downloads.  I hope you’ll check it out!  Also, Angel Messenger will receive a percentage of every purchase made through links from our site.  So, while your helping yourself, you are also helping to support our site.  🙂

~ Sheri

It’s all in our memories, beliefs and habits …

Your Subconscious mind or habitual mind is a collection of your conditioned beliefs and old memories with all of your experiences from the time of conception until now. When you start feeding your subconscious mind encouraging affirmations and positive messages you then mix that with emotions (your feelings) … YOU WILL start to change old inner beliefs and habits, finally attaining what you want in life.

7 reasonsit’s necessary to understand how your mind works!

Releasing Your PastEmpowering New Beliefs and Habits
Releasing your past fears and negative memories is crucial for advancement towards your dreams and desires. Know that F.E.A.R. is False…Evidence…Appearing…Real
Let’s neutralize and move past your limitations

Supreme Self-ConfidenceStep Out of Your Comfort Zone
Did you know that self-confidence is a necessity and the single most important component that separates people who are successful from those who aren’t? The only thing that prevents us from taking action on any ideas is…Self-Doubt!

Be Decisive and Get What You WantBe Decisive Once and For All
Decide to have supreme confidence and a feeling of wellness inside of you. It is your faith that takes you beyond self-doubt and uncertainty putting your ideas into action. Making a decision is a crucial factor in moving towards your goals.  Stop! Whatever it is that’s holding you back?

Attracting Financial Prosperity Let’s Raise Your Financial Set-Point Today
The accompanying eBook has many purposes, although this specific Mp3 is dedicated to elevating your subconscious mind (your memory bank) and raising your income set-point. Sadly this conditioned money limitation was a set point programmed when you were a child.  

I Am Healing My Body and Mind Synchronize Your Thinking
The mind affects the body and the body affects the mind. Finally, Doctors are now in agreement, we create Dis-ease which then causes Disease. You mind-set is the healer; Heal Now!

EBookThinking is Everything
The best story by far is the $30,000 cup of coffee in which an ordinary office worker doubled her income. Since its launch, it’s now $45,000.

Lifetime” Follow-Up Coaching“ Worth Thousands” Help is now here!
Sometimes you’ll have to make decisions that are right, even if you’re wrong. That’s weird right? Not at all, it makes us grow.
Your decisions will only advance you towards another venture, another plan, another goal, another relationship, another understanding that we all have challenges, “EVERYONE OF US” even me, but I finally figured it out.

What’s Alive in You? We can work together!

Decisions – Determine – Destiny!


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