I was absolutely amazed and humbled by the emails sent and comments posted for the Gratitude Contest.  Some didn’t feel comfortable posting online, which I do understand, though sharing your gratefulness is a great way to inspire others, and that’s what this contest was all about.  It’s so easy to dwell on everything that’s going wrong and pray that they get better.  But, praying with a focus on the negative is in fact manifesting the negative.  Allowing ourselves to be grateful and instead focusing on the positive will bring more positive energy into our lives.  Again, I’m not saying just being grateful you got that big promotion will get you that promotion.  You have to work for it!  Visualize, be grateful, but get up and do something about achieving your goals.  Taking action toward your goals sends even more positive energy in the right direction.

And now for the winners!  😉

For the first winner, I was given the exact date and time the comment was posted … Congratulations to Erin who posted directly on my website on June 27th!  Erin has won a Free 30 Minute Reading ($50 value)!  Erin, you will receive an email soon with information on how to schedule your free reading.

For the second winner, my guides told me it would be a Facebook comment that I hadn’t yet read.  There were several visitors that posted on my site through Facebook, and I tried to read every comment, but it appears that I did miss a few.  The comment I was most drawn to was by someone who posted several comments, thus spreading her grateful attitude all over Facebook.  Spreading that energy was the whole purpose of this little experiment, so I knew I had the right person.  Congratulations to Amy Eddins!  You have also won a Free 30 Minute Reading ($50 value)!  I will be sending you information on how to schedule your free reading through Facebook.

I’ve realized that I really enjoyed this and will likely be giving away more free readings like this soon.  However, if everyone claimed their free readings all at the same time, that could really hurt my bank account.  So, in order to make sure the readings are spread out a bit,  I will have to place expiration dates on the free readings.  Erin and Amy, your readings will be good through the end of August.  I’m sure you’ll have no problem scheduling before then.  😉

Take care everyone, and I hope you all enjoyed taking part in this little contest.  Thank you for helping me to give away $100 in Free Readings!  🙂

Angel Blessings,


The photo above was shared on Facebook, and I have posted it here to because it fits so well with the message.  If you are the creator, please let me know.  I will be happy to remove it or give you credit for the work, whichever you prefer.

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