Especially with everything that has happened over the last year, I have so much to be thankful for and am amazed at how everything has worked out.  But, even when things were looking rather scary, I understood the importance of thankfulness and gratitude.  It gives you a much different perspective, that’s for sure.

What are you thankful for this holiday?  Please feel free to share below …

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4 replies
  1. Amy
    Amy says:

    I am grateful for my home; having my own bedroom; my bed and warm duvets and blankets; that I am fit and healthy; my cats; friendly housemates; the trees and river nearby; the transport system; for all the music and brave/entertaining people who brought that music to the world; for my mother, father, brother and grandma; for all the clothes I have to keep me warm and looking the way I want to look; for make-up (brands not testing anything on animals!); for so much food and abundance all around me; for my job and my talents and intelligence and personality. Every single caring person in my life – past, present and future and everyone who has had the heart and insight to help me and have faith in me. I am thankful for all of the opportunities I’ve had and how more and more just keep coming. I’m grateful for the new day and peaceful nights and the mercy of this unconditional regularity.
    I am thankful for the beauty and diversity of Nature and for all the animals and birds and insects. I am thankful for the humility of all the people who do jobs for others’ highest good and have passion and dedication with the services they provide.
    I am thankful for all the experiences I have had and how I have the presence of mind to BE thankful for them and see them as best I can from a higher perspective.

    I am thankful to my ex-boyfriend, who helped me for a long time and was there for me when many others could not be.

    I am grateful for my garden and my walks and for all the comedians and great writers, artists, philosophers and visionary pioneers, past, present and future.

  2. Melanie
    Melanie says:

    Each and every day I thank God, the Angels, the Guides and the Universe for all that I have been blessed with. My 3 beautiful boys, my outstanding Husband, my sweet darling Parents, my Siblings, all my beautiful and amazing friends. For the continued success of my Husbands business, the contracts we have, that we will not lose and all the contracts that are still coming our way. All the amazing people that work for us, our cars, the trailers we use each day. That we are all able to see, read, breath, write, walk, talk and have a good education. That I am able to be a “Home Executive” and spend quality time with my Boyz. That we have a roof over our heads and the beautiful garden, blue sky or the pouring rain that I see each morning as I open the blinds. For every single experience we have or still going to able exprience as a family, good of bad, which have made/make us stronger and closer as a unit. My 2 dogs, Beanie & Baloo, and my gorgeous Cat, Baby. That we are able to help others that are less fortunate than us, as and when we can, That it is something that we have instilled in our Boyz, who we are so proud of, they are always senstive to other feelings and those less fortunate then us. That we are and always will looked after financially. And last, but definatley not least, I am also so thankful for our faith, which plays a vital role in our lives and we are all truly blessed – I have so much to be thankful for! Thank You, Thank You, Thank You:)

  3. Jessi
    Jessi says:

    I’m thankful for my wonderful husband. We dated for six years and were just married last month. It takes a lot to plan a wedding. I’m thankful that’s over, too. And we can finally settle down and focus on being husband and wife. Jessi


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