I read a wonderful article today by David Kessler entitled “Do the dead greet the dying?” As someone who works with the dead myself, I have to agree with his conclusions.  In fact, there is no doubt in my mind that the dead do indeed greet the dying.  Most often, it is a mother or other close relative who comes to greet their loved one.

I’ve heard countless stories from clients who’ve had experiences, and I’ve heard from loved ones who’ve come from the other side.  We are more susceptible to visions and experiences on our death bed.  This is similar to why they can happen just upon awakening.  If our conscious self isn’t fully brought back into our “reality”, we can exist simultaneously in the dream realm or astral realm – like the idea of astral travel.  Based on my experiences, I would say that a person in the process of dying a physical death will exist spiritually here and in the heavenly realms at the same time.

My own experience comes to mind from a few years back.  I was saved from what could have been a deadly car crash when something took over the steering wheel and brought me to a safe stop.  Knowing I don’t have any loved ones who were professional Nascar drivers, I still believe it was an angel that intervened.

My favorite aunt was in a terrible accident at work a couple of years ago.  Everyone said it was a miracle she survived.  She told me later that my grandfather, her dad, visited her when she was lying bleeding to death on the cold concrete floor of the factory she worked in.  Among other things, he told her it wasn’t her time yet.  She didn’t care who believed her story, and I was glad she didn’t.  She knows what I do, and I told her to never discount her experience.

If you or someone you know has had an experience like this, please don’t ever allow them to doubt it.  Our little human minds might sometimes have a difficult time wrapping our heads around such miracles, but they happen.  It would be a terrible crime to strike such miracles from our lives.

Have an experience you’d like to share?  Please feel free to do so below.  I would love to hear your experiences.

Angel Blessings,


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  1. Eileen
    Eileen says:

    Hi Rev Sheri . mine is a little different but I would like to share my dream with you. A year and a half ago, my oldest and dearest best friend died of cancer. We had known each other for over 45 years. She had a slow and painful death due to cancer.
    Less than two weeks ago, I had a dream. My husband and I were in the front seat of an old fashioned car. My husband was driving. In the back seat were my dead girlfriend and her husband. Her husband looked like he did today . .in his 60’s. My girlfriend appeared as she looked when we were in our 20’s. Not dead but young and youthful and healthy.
    We all got out of the car. We were in a large field with mountains in the foreground. Beautiful tranquil place. My friend and her husband walked away from me. I was trying to catch up to them but my foot got caught in the seatbelt. I was trying to communicate to wait for me but she didn’t hear me. Her husband walked to a large body of water and appeared to about to go for a swim. My girlfriend was standing about a yard behind him and was watching him. He did not know she was there at all. In the dream, he is present day looking; she on the other hand is a young beautiful woman; not old and sick as she was when she died.
    A week later, my girlfriend’s husband, the one who was about to go for a swim, drowned in the Atlantic Ocean. This just happened the other day. He was an avid swimmer. It just seems too coincidental that he drowned a week after my dream. Would you agree? I feel like this was a premonition.

    • Rev. Sheri
      Rev. Sheri says:

      Hi Eileen, thank you for sharing. I would agree that sounds like a premonition. I’ve had them, too. Sometimes they can be scary, but this seems like maybe your friend was letting you know that she was watching over and waiting for her husband and that everything would be as it is meant to be. Blessings to you. <3

  2. nita
    nita says:

    I have been having a dream over and over. In it I come into a lot of money (I te terminal cancer. Then I think we won the lottery as my husband is with me). We distribut a little more than half the money to our children, grandchildren and siblings, then exactly 2 weeks later I am told I have terminal cancer and then I wakeup. Do you think someone thar has passed over or an angel is trying to get a message to me?

  3. Rev. Sheri
    Rev. Sheri says:

    Thank you Christopher and Dawn for sharing your experiences. While death can be difficult for those of us left behind, it can certainly be beautiful and full of peace.

  4. Dawn
    Dawn says:

    Growing up I was very close to my grandfather (my dads dad). I was the only one out of the family who could not be with him when he passed and that always bothered me. Shortly after I had a dream and in this dream we danced and he told me he was ok and that I would be ok too.

    I was involved in a roll-over accident and walked out without a scratch on me. I know it was him who protected me in that car crash.

    I also knew when my grandmother (his wife) was going to pass on. He came to me in another dream. He was with her and they were dancing and so very much in love. My father called the next day to tell me my grandmoter had passed away in her sleep.

    I love knowing that I am protected by all of my angels.

  5. Christopher Luke
    Christopher Luke says:

    Dear Sheri

    I too survived a head on car crash in 1984. On impact, my car ‘went’ between a 10 ton Truck and a saloon car at the height of 3 feet. In absorbing the impact and assessing my injuries (I was 35 at the time) the doctors said I would be crippled by the time I was 60. Last year, I was told at a medical that my body is that of a 48 year old. A miracle? No, I just have something to do in my later years starting now I guess …

    However, when my mother passed 6 years ago, she had been in a coma for 2 days. As the family stood round her bed in the hospital, at the moment of passing, she opened her eyes and looked straight into mine. Two brilliant discs of light went through me and I turned to the other members of the family and said ‘Did you see that?’ – no one else did.

    My wife passed two years later and I know that in her final moments, despite having been heavily sedated through the terrible cancer that was ravaging her, she turned and looked into her dressing table mirror and smiled. The first time she had opened her eyes for two days.

    Yes, we are always greeted when we pass over in my view. And that is indeed a great comfort.

  6. Rev. Sheri
    Rev. Sheri says:

    Yes, Gloria, you are correct. I’ve had many animals come through in readings for people, too. I will never doubt the love those little angels can have for a human being. My dog is so attached to me that my husband thought she was going to have a little heart attack when I went out for a girl’s night at the movies last week. She paced and cried, cried and paced. They tried everything to calm her, but she knew I was supposed to be home. Poor thing! I love her so much, too! 🙂

  7. Gloria
    Gloria says:

    Hello Rev. Sheri,

    I also agree with you. I believe your loved ones come to meet you when you die but I also believe our beloved pets who have passed also come and greet us when our time comes to pass. Our animals are also our family members that never leave our sides.




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