Allowing Angelic Divine Intervention

by Fawn, contributing writer for Angel Messenger

Angels helped me last summer with something big, and I still send thanks every day. A year ago today, I lived in a home I was renting from some friends. They left me with their 12 chickens, three cats, and a grown son still living in the basement. My college-age son and our two cats moved in, and later my grown daughter who had just earned her Master’s Degree in Public Health, temporarily moved in with us, along with her boyfriend and their Pug dog. It was definitely a full house.

Many family memories were made, like my daughter hatching seven duck eggs in our living room, all of us decorating an enormous Christmas tree that fell on us and splattered everywhere, caring for five playful cats, collecting dozens of chicken eggs and dispersing them to the neighbors, dressing up Frank the pug dog in Halloween costumes and taking lots of photos, cooking enormous feasts and inviting our friends and family, and tending to multiple raised garden beds and then harvesting from them.

My friends who owned the house, called one day to say they were selling it. We all had two months to find a home. They would find homes for their three cats if I found a home for the chickens. I had lived on that corner for eleven years. Panic hit, because I had not used or owned a credit card for ten years, and had spent my savings to fix up a condo in another state.

We had multiple beloved hens, ducks, and a sweet rooster to find homes for. They had names and personalities. They couldn’t go to just any generic farmer who may eat them. We were attached to the three cats who came with the house, but couldn’t take them, not five of them.

The first day of their announcement I literally felt as if a mac truck had run me over. I was frozen, lay in bed and slept, hiding within myself all day. Deep in the bottomless pit of despair and fear, I decided I couldn’t exist that way anymore.

I had to act. But how?

It was in those moments of torturous darkness that I made a decision to change my thoughts so that I could pull my emotional and physical body out of that quicksand. When I did this, it literally changed my energy from slowness and gloom to lightness and hope.

The phrase “God helps those who help themselves” did not originate in the Bible, but actually in ancient Greece. For me, these are words of pure manifestation and divinely guided outcomes. The essence and meaning are tested and true, especially during times when life is emotionally charged and I am in pure survival mode.

First order of business was to figure out how to get enough money for a deposit in a couple months or less! Paycheck to paycheck means just that! My thoughts went something like this: “This is a forced change and I am lost”. (paralysis)

“No. I am given an opportunity here. Thank you for this jolt of lightning God. I am excited to have this opportunity to create a huge new change.” (energy boost)

“Here it is, the moment I have been waiting for! The change I have been desiring and now is the time! I can seek out exactly the new environment and situation I want, right now. Clean slate. Here I go! Let the adventure begin! Thank you.”

Changing my thoughts during those dark moments saved me. I was able to function. I took a shower, brushed my teeth, got dressed, ate some food, made a plan of action, and finally felt some much-needed hope and inspiration.

It sounds so simple doesn’t it, to change thoughts in order to feel inspired? It seems like “magical thinking” advice, like something a “crazy” person would do. Yet, it works.

At three in the morning after tossing and turning I sat up and turned on the light. Fearful and negative thought threatened to freeze my initiative again. So I closed my eyes, connected to God and thought: ” This is my perfect opportunity, a change and a new path to take! I will trust this moment and be excited and not afraid! Angels, please help me. Thank you thank you thank you”

I turned on my laptop and applied for a long shot credit card, guarding negative thoughts and surrounding expectations to simply trusting the universe. Acceptance. Beautiful! Thank you Thank you Thank you.

I spent that morning cutting out magazine photos of exactly the home I wanted to live in, pasting words and images onto a poster board which became a vision board collage of the desired outcome. The act of making a vision board seemed outwardly like a waste of precious time, but inwardly it was empowering me.

Each photo I cut out, each affirmative word I pasted, was a positive shift to hope. I was moving out of a paralyzing negative thought trap, into an open-minded, anticipation of what life has to offer. I felt it. I allowed it. I hung the vision board above the head of my bed and stared at it every time I entered the room. I began to “see” a positive outcome.

I told neighbors who bought my chicken eggs, about needing a new home for our beloved hens, ducks, and rooster. I decided that each day I would look at least three homes no matter what. When I felt lack of inspiration I looked anyway. When I felt fear, I prayed and reaffirmed the exciting change I was going through.

Taking action and changing my thoughts from fear-based ruminations, to ones filled with hope made a dramatic difference in my world. I fantasized about a new home, I asked for help, but didn’t sit around waiting for lightning to strike for that help – instead I talked to God and Angels while driving in my car to the different addresses and agencies saying thank you for the tiniest of signs: ” Please help me find the perfect home for us. Thank you Thank you Thank you!”

Miracles started happening, like when our neighbor found a home for all the eggs layers, our sweet ducks and our tame and loveable rooster. They all went to good urban gardens.

One day I pulled into a cute little purple house full of character and artistic stained glass windows. I loved it. Every element that I was seeking, including a short walk to the local co-op, was included. I felt thrilled and excited with the home, it compelled me to contact the rental agency about it immediately. After leaving a message with the agent who didn’t answer, I went ahead and drove to the business office to beg for an application right away.

“I want the purple house please!” I announced to the woman at a computer. “I love it, it’s perfect.”

“I can see why” She answered, “You are wearing a purple shirt! But that one is already taken unless they don’t get approved.” I filled out an application anyway, just in case.

“There is another house that just came up for rent!” The agent exclaimed, “You may like just as much as the purple house. It just happened before you walked in the door.” She continued as she pulled it up on her screen, “Here it is! A large back yard with garden beds. Say the word and you will be the first in line!” ”

I told her yes, for sure if I didn’t get the purple house. I knew there must be a reason I was compelled to rush to her office. I released attachment to all outcomes and allowed events to unfold, trusting this was divinely guided. I could feel Angels helping me.

Each time my mind gravitated to a negative thought I sent out a prayerful “Thank you!”, to Angels and to God. This happened quite often, day and night at that time. My fearful thoughts would threaten to take over and I would shift to “Thank you so much for the right place, right time, perfect change. All our needs met. Thank you Thank you Thank you!”

When I saw the new house, I was flabbergasted. It was a dream home in every way. It looked so much like my vision board! I was approved despite the competition, rusty credit, lack of savings, and abrupt uprooting. Thank you thank you thank you!

True, circumstances are different for each of us, but what is the same is our capacity to change thoughts from negative and fear-based, to positive and faith-based ones, so that Angels can enter our lives and help us.

Don’t forget to ask for help and then say, Thank you thank you thank you! . . . each step of the way!

(¯` ´¯). *
`*.¸.* ´* peace * ´¯`•.¸¸. Love

~  Fawn

About Fawn

Fawn is an amazingly accurate Psychic and Shamanic Practitioner. She was one of our original Tested and Trusted Angel Messenger Practitioners and is currently a contributing author here at Angel Messenger.

Shamanic readings are unique in that they focus on spiritual healing and resolution. Often physical symptoms accompany a need for spiritual healing, because everything is connected. Fawn will journey by drum prior to your connection by Skype, phone and/or email and ask a question you send to her in advance. She will usually connect up with your power animal right away, and then bring back for you any message that spirit gives her for you to hear. Often she will receive a time frame but sometimes not. The information comes in on a 'need to know" basis.

"I can't say enough about Fawn. After over a year of speaking with her, she is truly gifted. I admire the way she guides me; telling me about my path and the road "blocks", always keeping the conversation positive. I don't feel alarmed or worried after our time together. I'm eager for what's to come and aware of what is surrounding me. Thank you!"
~ Angel Messenger Client

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18 replies
  1. Samantha Aza
    Samantha Aza says:

    Your article is very nice. But I have a very hard time trusting in angels or believing that good things could happen for me. I’m not trying to be a downer or a naysayer, I really would like to trust in a higher power and feel safe….but I’ve seen a lot of bad things happen to good people, I’ve had prayers go unanswered, and this makes it hard to trust anything. Even when something good happens, I worry it’ll be taken away, as so much already has. When I hear about horrible things happening to good people, I wonder why God/angels didn’t intervene.

    Do you have any advice for me on this? How do I find faith or trust when I’ve seen and experienced horrible, sad things?

    • Annemarie, Angel Messenger Support
      Annemarie, Angel Messenger Support says:

      Hi Samantha,

      We do need to call on the angels and ask them to assist us but each one of us also has free will. I think sometimes due to our choice there may be a lesson to learn so they won’t intervene but that is just my opinion. I also believe we have lessons to learn while we are here in the school of life so if everything was always a bed of roses so to speak we wouldn’t learn what we are here to learn. If we didn’t know sadness how would we know what happiness was?

      I did pass your comment to Fawn and I am sure she will respond soon. 🙂

    • Fawn Burgess
      Fawn Burgess says:

      My hero Elizabeth Kubler-Ross, a doctor known for dedicating her life to patients who were dying of terminal conditions, and who wrote books on her observations of the stages of death and dying, discovered something meaningful during a visit to Maidanek, a Polish concentration camp that accepted tours after World War II. She visited the children’s barracks and saw with her own eyes the horror that they went through. There were little shoes and clothes still in the barracks and on the walls she saw hundreds of butterflies created by fingernails and pebbles. It was in this dark space that she wondered what these images could have meant, why they were there. 25 years later after hundreds and even thousands of personal interviews with people who were dying, she realized that the children must have known they were going to die and they would leave their bodies as a butterfly leaves a cocoon. Their message to future children and generations was the butterfly, hundreds and hundreds of them, on the walls of their barracks. She used this butterfly imagery, one of leaving behind trauma, loss, pain and suffering- flying toward something beautiful and free- for her future teachings about death and dying to her patients. Sometimes people must go to the “bottem of the barre” and work and find their way out in order to see the value in faith of a higher power, or at least an immortal soul. If you look closer at folks in this world who succeed, you may find that many of these people have checkered tragic pasts which they overcame. My mother is mentally ill, and when she was pregnant with me my father was shot and permanently paralyzed from bullets in a pub from a stranger. I was mostly raised by my grandparents, but not without spending a lot of time homeless and learning how to be streetwise as a youngster with a schizophrenic mother. I have seen a lot of tragedy and loss both personally and in my professional life. One of the reasons I worked with the dying, too, as a Hospice nurse. Or with mentally ill homeless children as a nurse manager for several years. You see things. You feel heartbroken. You lose people, pets and money. It is part of the dance of life. Radical acceptance and surrender to a divine plan, a higher plan, is empowering for me. Moving beyond the fear that maybe there is no God and creating anyway, this is meaningful. The worst that can happen is we die with our music still inside us, as the late Wayne Dyer once said! Our value still unexpressed. Remaining paralyzed by a fear of deep disappointment that may ensue if there turns out to be no higher plan, is for me, worse than keeping my faith that there is one.

      • Samantha Aza
        Samantha Aza says:

        Again, I don’t mean to sound negative, but the idea of bad stuff being part of God’s plan–I have a harder time accepting that than anything else, because that would mean things like the Holocaust, and illnesses, and wars were part of God’s plan, and what kind of loving God would plan things like that? I don’t want to believe God planned those horrible things.

        And when I hear people talk about God’s plan, I feel like he doesn’t care about people’s suffering, that as long as their misery benefits someone else or his plan, he doesn’t care about them or their pain and won’t answer their prayers.

        These questions have haunted me for years. I really wish I could trust God/angels, that’s one reason I posted my question here. I just don’t know how to trust, and the idea of a higher plan doesn’t make me feel better, it makes me feel more hopeless….like if God plans for bad things to happen, why bother praying if he’ll just let bad stuff keep happening?
        I don’t know, I’m just struggling with it all. I want to feel protected and loved by God, but I don’t feel that way.

        • Fawn Burgess
          Fawn Burgess says:

          Your feelings are not unusual and I believe every person on earth at some point, may dwell in the same sense of doubt, pain and lack of faith you describe. Suffering through starvation, torture, war, illness, fear . . . all so confusing, and feels so harsh that these realities exist. There’s a children’s book I adore by Neale Diamond Walsh called The Little Soul and the Sun that I have on my mantel in the living room, a book that explains so well why souls may decide and so choose a life time of learning and evolving, through the experience of suffering and pain. In my belief, God is a co creator with all of us souls, and there are no humans or animals, that walk this earth who have not agreed prior to birth, to experience events and happenings that befall them. In my belief, we have come to earth before many times, and we shall come to earth again, in many other forms and in many other relationships. In my belief, the entrance and exit of physical life is a Holy event assisted by Angels and God, that allows evolution of my soul through major and minor lessons, unfinished business, and deeper learning often through intense emotions. Edgar Cayce, the “sleeping prophet” and most well documented medical intuitive in our known history, grew up in an evangelical family and read the Bible for every year of his life (as a teen ager). In one of his trances while reading for an ill client, he stumbled upon reincarnation and life lessons as a reason for incarnation on earth, and though very resistant and repulsed at first, because of his deep Christian beliefs, he came to accept that reincarnation explains so many reasons for suffering and loss, and ultimately is not anti Christian after all. In my belief, knowing that death is not the end, and that we have the choice to create our own reality from thoughts we think and energies we focus on, is comforting. It helps me understand the children of the Holocaust carving butterflies on the walls of their barracks, as they suffered and ultimately met their death. I pray everyday that my loved ones remain safe and happy, and yet a part of me accepts we all have a Divine plan that we ourselves agreed to live out and experience, in cooperation with God. Because of my beliefs, I feel comforted. I have been able to let go and pray for “lost” loved ones, to forgive and let go. To experience genuine radical acceptance, and to release control when I needed to. I feel I have nothing to lose and everything to gain, by keeping this faith. The worst that can happen is I am wrong and I have chosen to face tragedy less fearfully. The best that can happen is I am right and didn’t waste my time. Ultimately the choice of how we think and believe is up to each and every one of us. There is no right or wrong way to believe. We coach and help each other along the journey. We reject what “feels” wrong and accept what “feels” right to us. You have a kind and deep feeling heart. That is a gift. Thank you for opening up and expressing your thoughts here.

          • Samantha Aza
            Samantha Aza says:

            Thank you for your kind words. It’s given me a lot to think about. Thank you for listening.

        • Michael Harley
          Michael Harley says:

          You are forgetting that God has wrestled with Satan for as long as time. The angels fight against evil and demonic forces to a certain extent when demons attempt to interrupt God’s plans for mankind. Do you think that Hitler was free from Satan’s will?? Think again.

          • Re (Rev. Sheri)
            Re (Rev. Sheri) says:

            Yes, Michael, it is important to remember that God’s will is not the only thing going on here. I believe that, as lightworkers, we agreed to come here and and “battle wills” so to speak. I don’t want to say that it is God’s will for bad things to happen to us, but that it is God’s will (and our own – as it was likely our reason for incarnating) to fight back the will of darkness. We likely knew before incarnating some idea of what we were getting ourselves into. However, in some cases, things may have gotten a little worse than we expected … because of the free will of others. I do believe that God is a loving God and never wants to see us harmed, but we are the hands of God in this world. Just like in meditation, we must raise our vibration in order to connect with Heaven … the vibration of this world is much lower than the vibration of Heaven, and the more we raise the vibration, the more God can exert His influence here … with love, hope, joy, and possibly even miracles. The lower the vibration, the more influence darkness has … the more illusion, arrogance, greed, hatred has power in this world. It is a war older than time … that’s just my two cents. 😉

            Hitler was definitely ruled by satan’s will … he opened his mind and welcomed that slime as his master … Yuck! {insert pukey face here} I cannot understand the mindset of a person like that, but he was an anti-Christ. 🙁

      • Samantha Aza
        Samantha Aza says:

        Guess I got carried away in the last post; sorry. I’m just struggling with how to reconcile the bad things that happen with the idea of a loving God. I sort of understand what you mean about loss being part of life, but I sometimes I just feel hurt that some higher power didn’t intervene in some of the things that I’ve been through. I don’t know how to work through that, but it’s part of the reason I come on this site.

        • Fawn Burgess
          Fawn Burgess says:

          No worries, thank you for being honest and speaking up. I am sure your thoughts are a reflection of how a few others feel, too. Maybe your sharing has helped someone process through significant thoughts and feelings that this article alone could never have accomplished.

  2. Jacqui
    Jacqui says:

    Just wanted to say thank you very much, Fawn, for your truly inspirational article.

    I am experiencing a phase of big change, and it’s unsettling sometimes, but I do my best to follow through in a very similar way to how you are describing. Reaching out, no matter what, is something I do regularly. The light is always there, but we do need to ‘switch the switch’! 💡

    Thanks again! 😇🌠🌈🌞

    • Fawn Burgess
      Fawn Burgess says:

      You are so welcome. I appreciate your taking the time to leave a note! May your change turn out exactly as you desire it to be . . . by the time you have journeyed through it.

  3. Alexandra De Vylder
    Alexandra De Vylder says:

    Thank you Fawn! This is such engaging writing for a start, and it has helped me! I’m having a similar experience now. Feeling inspired!

    • Fawn Burgess
      Fawn Burgess says:

      Nice! I hope this inspiration lasts through even your most challenging of moments as you go through your experience.


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