I wanted to let everyone know that my website may be down for parts of this coming weekend.  We will be doing some website maintenance and upgrades to the administrative end which could make the site unavailable or move more slowly.  So, if you run into issues on my site over this coming weekend, just be patient, and we’ll have the site back up as soon as possible.  Thanks for understanding!

Happy Wednesday,

Sheri 😉

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  1. Angel1111
    Angel1111 says:

    thanks sheri! =) may you have a great week ahead! =) hoping to be able to purchase ur email reading soon! =)

  2. Angel1111
    Angel1111 says:

    Hi Sheri,

    Is it possible to include the date when you have updated something, like the above…which indicated website maintenance this weekend, but i am unsure which weekend you could be refering to….


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