Lisa called to ask if I’d pray for a mutual acquaintance of ours. She was busy summoning up a prayer line for a girl named Johanna, who I knew only from social gatherings. I’d seen her at volleyball games and pot lucks, but we’d never spoken. Lately she’d been feeling a recurring pain near her left ovary and didn’t want it to go any further. The last time she’d felt this way, she’d had surgery.

So she’d asked Linda to start a prayer line of friends and associates who might be willing to pray for her healing. I received the call just as I was walking out the door to my car. It was the weekend and our habit was to go way out in the country and camp on land we were purchasing with a group of friends. I loved these visits because we’d play music on the front porch of my friends’ trailer, eat good food, and have sweat lodges late at night by the pond. This weekend was no exception and we had a terrific visit in Big Hill of Jackson County, KY.

Distance Healing Yosemite Falls

This picture of Yosemite Falls was actually taken by Rev. Sheri during her recent family trip out west.

On Sunday morning the land was soaked from an all night thunderstorm. Everywhere we looked, there were shooting springs of water bursting up from the earth. The grassy fields and mossy forest had a dampness that began to quickly dry in the hot summer sun, and a group of us couldn’t resist a walk. Water ran down from the hills into the creek bed, and our path was pock-marked with mud puddles. It was breathtakingly beautiful on this day and our walk took us on a path by a gushing waterfall on the edge of the woods.

I climbed out on a flat rock in the center of the creek facing the waterfall. The water split at this rock and ran on each side around me, as I sat down crossed legged in my blue jeans. The sound of water slamming on rocks and rushing toward me was hypnotizing, so I decided to dive into the white noise roar during a short meditation.

It was also a perfect time to pray for Johanna, so during this meditation I started to visualize her standing directly under the running water of the waterfall as the water ran over, around and directly through her.

As the water fell, I visualized it becoming a rainbow of colors with sparkling white light moving through her body. I imaged that these vibrant colors were healing her.  Colors entered the crown of her head and exited out of her feet, as rushing water carried away all negative residues of disease and pain.

I sat facing the waterfall and imagined Johanna under the fall for about five solid minutes; my spirit felt ecstatic as I did so, and it wasn’t very long before I sensed that blocked energy had been replaced with healing white light. I prayed that God, angels, healing guides and power spirits continue to assist with this her healing, and sent out a joyful thank you.  I then climbed off of the rock and back to my friends who were exploring the bank.

That afternoon my boyfriend Jason and daughter Katie packed up our little dodge ford and drove off Big Hill and back into town. It was still daylight when we reached our apartment, and as I turned into the parking lot I saw a girl leaning on a car in the space next to mine. As we drove closer, I saw it was Johanna!  She had never visited our home before and I was unaware that she even knew the address! I was surprised to see her, especially on this particular day.

“Johanna!” I jumped out of the car and moved toward her. “What a coincidence!” I wanted to tell her how I’d prayed for her at the waterfall, but she spoke up first.

“I’m not coming inside or anything, I just wanted to tell you what happened today. I was lying on my couch and suddenly felt something in my ovary area. The painful sensations released and went away. I knew it was you somehow, I sensed you. I wanted to come see you and thank you!”

I was stunned and excited that she actually felt my presence somehow, when I prayed for her.  There were many of us praying for her on the prayer tree that weekend. It was such a nice confirmation!!

Then she got in her car and drove away, leaving me with a certain thankfulness of my own, that she’d taken the time to come and tell me about her healing experience.

(¯` ´¯). *

`*.¸.* ´* peace * ´¯`•.¸¸. Love

                          ~  Fawn

About Fawn

Fawn is an amazingly accurate Psychic and Shamanic Practitioner. She was one of our original Tested and Trusted Angel Messenger Practitioners and is currently a contributing author here at Angel Messenger.

Shamanic readings are unique in that they focus on spiritual healing and resolution. Often physical symptoms accompany a need for spiritual healing, because everything is connected. Fawn will journey by drum prior to your connection by Skype, phone and/or email and ask a question you send to her in advance. She will usually connect up with your power animal right away, and then bring back for you any message that spirit gives her for you to hear. Often she will receive a time frame but sometimes not. The information comes in on a 'need to know" basis.

"I can't say enough about Fawn. After over a year of speaking with her, she is truly gifted. I admire the way she guides me; telling me about my path and the road "blocks", always keeping the conversation positive. I don't feel alarmed or worried after our time together. I'm eager for what's to come and aware of what is surrounding me. Thank you!"
~ Angel Messenger Client

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3 replies
  1. Gail
    Gail says:

    Hello, I love the fact that you are connected to the same area that I am. I was raised on the Jackson Co. line and I love the waterfalls and that area!

  2. Kristen
    Kristen says:

    Hi Fawn,

    That was a beautiful and inspiring story. It didn’t surprise me that she felt your presence with her during prayer. I have felt and heard others praying for me when I didn’t expect it at all. Water is a very powerful healer and it cleanses the soul. I have much to learn on this journey but I am in awe and blessed to read stories such as this one to help and inspire me along the way. I love to read or hear stories of others who have experienced such beauty and blessings that God, the Angels and the universe have bestowed upon them. Many blessings of love and light.



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