Psychic Reading- How To Be Your Own Psychic Reader

Author: Jim Cassa

To receive a psychic reading is great. Learning how to be your own psychic reader is even better. Everyone has the potential to develop their intuition and sensing faculties. We all have far more potential than we give ourselves credit for. If you are interested in psychic readings and on how to become your own psychic reader here are some suggestions.

Joining a Circle. A circle of dedicated individuals working together, helping one another,can go a long way towards psychic development. I was in a circle for two years. We met weekly. It was hard work, and time consuming, but a big part of my psychic empowerment.

Meditation and Spiritual Practices. The age old practice of meditation, even in this day and age, is a great personal development tool. Meditation increases awareness and allows greater energy to flow. It balances logical left brain thinking with the creative right brain solutions to problem solving. Spiritual practices like using a mantra and hand gestures with mudra perform similar functions.

Reiki. Reiki is becoming more popular these days. Those who practice reiki often find themselves becoming more psychic thanks to the sensing of energy. Reiki uses a unspoken metaphysical principle in that the more people you assist the more psychic gifts you are given.

Open Heart. The heart energy from anahata chakra has amazing sensing ability. The heart has its own intelligence and it is tied very closely with intuition and the principle of right action.

Everything in our world has an energetic base and if you can sense which way the energy flows it helps in deciding whether it is going to have a negative or positive consequence. An open heart will help in its ability to read the energy in a situation. then you can determine if it is in your best interest to pursue it or not.

Intuition and Inner Feelings. How many times in our lives have we had an intuitive voice that something is wrong but we ignored it to our peril? It seems as if our logical left brain thinking has total dominance and all our creativity and intuition and inner feelings are pushed deep down and ignored.

The more psychic you become the more you listen to your inner feelings and the higher wisdom inside of you. It takes a little bit of practice to become better at sensing and feeling energy. Being psychic yourself and being able to read people, events, and the flow of things is one of life’s greatest gifts.

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