Birch TreeIn remembrance of my mom …

She looks at the scene with the barn falling down and weeds growing in and around each board on the ground. She sees the barn board collapsing from the weight of the many years that it stood strong representing strength and protection for the animals, setting the scene for an artist’s interpretation that will leave people awe struck with what transfers to the canvas. Then, there are the trees that ALWAYS catch her eye. The connection is uncanny. The way they connect to each other is true magic!

Mom’s interpretation of art was amazing, and the world will not “look” the same without her incredible interpretation. What my mother brought not only to a canvas, but to our world will never be inspired, found, felt or interpreted quite the same again.

My mother always reminded me of a tree – her strength, beauty, and humor, sometimes twisted, sometimes very insightful. My mother was always welcoming, comforting, and reaching to embrace you to give you strength, with roots going deep into the earth to keep her grounded and to teach her saplings how to grow and be grounded. Her way of smiling brought forth the joy you would feel watching a gorgeous birch tree blowing in the breeze.

Mom, we will forever remember YOU! Thank you for your art, humor, connection to trees and nature. May you now paint every scene you encounter with your amazing interpretation!

All My Love,


About Kathi

Kathi has been doing psychic readings for over 10 years and is both a psychic medium and an animal communicator. She has trained with famous psychic medium John Holland and studied mediumship at Arthur Findley College in Stansted England. Kathi is also a Doreen Virtue and Radleigh Valentine certified Angel Tarot card reader. She was one of our original Tested and Trusted Angel Messenger Practitioners and is currently a contributing author here at Angel Messenger.

"I asked for HELP and got it in a big way from Kathi. She was full of information, messages and helped me to see how my life unfolded, what I have completed and how to move forward with love and support from the Universe. She was right on with everything and I sure feel a lot better about my future. Thanks a million Kathi!"
~ Angel Messenger Client

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