Yesterday, as I was watching the snow fall, I couldn’t help but ponder life.  How weird is that?  Snow in the middle of April?  It’s not that unusual, really.  We get weird weather.  Last year, we went from winter right into 80 degree days in March.  My husband was so happy the golf season began early, but this year it’s still freezing cold and snowing in the middle of April.  We never know what to expect here.

sunbehindcloudsMichigan weather is a lot like life.  We don’t always know what to expect, and sometimes you just have to think, “What the heck?  This shouldn’t be happening!”  But that’s the way life goes.  Some days you expect the sun to be shining, and it’s freezing cold and snowing.  Other days you expect gloom and rain, especially when it seems like the sun will never come out, but then you see those beautiful golden rays.  And sometimes we get fooled by the weather man when he promises the sun still exists somewhere up there beyond those dark, cold skies.

I think most psychics are way more accurate than Michigan weathermen (or women), but that’s not their fault; it’s just that our weather is always changing – like life.  We don’t always know exactly what lies ahead, and the future is always changing depending on circumstances.  But, one thing that always happens in the cycle of life (and weather) is that the sun does always shine again.  So, even if you’re having snow in mid April, have faith that the sun is still up there behind those cold, dark and cloudy skies.

Peace, Love & Angel Blessings,


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