I know I had originally intended to increase our rates this weekend, but I hope you will all be okay with pushing that back until July 1st.  I didn’t realize that this weekend is Father’s Day.  We are also in the middle of Mercury Retrograde, and I think Mercury has decided to teach me a lesson this time … do not discount the power of Mercury in Retrograde!  In other words, don’t mess with computer stuff until it’s over, and hope for the best until then.  So, I plan to make the rate updates on July 1st, and that update will include the new rates for email readings.  Rev. Colleen will also be adding two new types of readings at that time.  🙂  For more information on why we are increasing our rates, please read more here.

New Rates as of July 1st   

For Skype/Phone Readings:

15 Minute Reading – $40

30 Minute Reading – $60

45 Minute Reading – $85

1 Hour Reading – $110

For Email Readings:

1 Question Email Reading – $40

Extended 2-3 Question Email Reading – $85

Half Hour Audio Email Reading – $85

Thank you for your understanding,

Rev. Sheri

Schedule Your Session Now!  (Before the rates go up.)

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