An article I recently read on USA Today suggested that psychics are making a fortune off our current economic crisis. To be honest, this article makes me concerned for a couple of reasons.

First, of course, I can guarantee that not all psychics are currently making a fortune. That statement kinda made me feel like my profession was being lumped under the title of “money hungry vampires sucking what’s left of the life out of people”. Not good. For one thing, for me, only a certain number of appointments are allowed per week. Connecting can take a huge toll on a person physically and emotionally. Psychics who don’t respect their own body and ability may become ill and unable to do their best for clients. And, any psychic that makes you feel like they’re doing it for the money is either outright crazy or is not doing their job correctly. Run!!!

Secondly, I am very concerned that some people are likely to be taken advantage of during this time. I have seen some psychics raise their prices by as much as 50%. Yeah, maybe one can argue that everything else is going up so it’s the way of the times, but how does that help? Keep in mind that more expensive does not necessarily mean better. I went to a psychic about a year ago who is actually semi famous. She told me that I should consider becoming a professional psychic medium because I seem to be really gifted. That made be feel pretty good coming from this person, especially since I was already in said career. However, she also was very off about a couple of things in my reading. These things weren’t as major. It’s possible she was misinterpreting what she was seeing, too. Overall, I was pleased, but I don’t think my half hour reading was worth the $200 I paid. My point is that her accuracy was similar to that of a psychic I’ve been to that would have cost me $50 for that same time period. My advice is to just be careful what you’re spending on a reading and where you’re getting it from. The online sites like Keen and California Psychics are great for people who want a reading right now without having to wait for an appointment, but you never know what you’re going to get. I prefer to go to psychics who do not know me or my work because It’s so easy for me to discount what they say and think, “Oh, he/she is just being nice to me. They already knew that about me…” So, I have personally tried online psychics. Let’s just say that I was unlucky in my trials. Maybe going to someone a friend has referred you to is a better idea.

I do agree that more people are asking about money versus relationships now. As for the economic crisis itself, things are going to slowly get better. We are climbing out of a bit of a mess. It’s important to remember that we can’t actually get out of the mess without climbing. It’s not going to happen over night. It will be a process. Even the Law of Attraction isn’t solving this problem as it once might have. Yes I know, I may be struck down by a few spiritual leaders now. The truth is that the Law of Attraction works much better when there’s actually something to attract. If a job isn’t available, it’s difficult to attract it without first booting the current occupant of said job. Let’s be clear, the Law of Attraction is not useless, but I wouldn’t recommend putting all your eggs in that basket. Also, you have to remember, it’s not just your attitude affecting the outcome. There are lots of other people and outside influences involved in making things happen. Yeah, you could be a great candidate for a specific job and be meant to take it, but then what happens when the top floor decides to cut the department? The job is no longer available not because you weren’t the best candidate but rather because of another influence. Let’s say it finally looks like you’re going to sell your house. You’ve consulted a psychic, the offer is made and accepted. But the week before closing, your buyer loses his job and can no longer buy your house. Things happen, and those things seem to be happening to many more people much more often.

Here are some suggestions …

1. Take it one day at a time. If it works, great. If not, let it go and keep moving ahead. Remember that it’s not always possible to be in complete control all the time. This is where we say, “Let go and let God”.

2. Investments aren’t the best idea, unless you are really really really sure. Buying Silver and Gold isn’t a bad idea, but don’t spend your last dime on anything shiny.

3. Think of learning new marketable skills or learn to market your skills in a different way. I have heard of auto workers moving to the alternate energy business and stay at home moms making some extra cash selling things on Ebay.

4. Visit resale shops, especially for kids clothes. People that would normally toss clothes are trying to get what they can at resale shops instead. You might be surprised what you find there.

5. Be wary of sales and coupons. Take it from a person with a retail background, sales are not always as great as they appear. Some companies have embraced the practice of raising ticket prices and then offering a discount taking it back to the regular price. There is actually no sale, it just seems that way. If you don’t buy Coffee Mate, don’t cut out the coupon just to save a quarter on something you don’t need. Of course, however, utilize real sales and coupons.

Basically, now is the time to save our money as much as possible. I know many of us are barely treading water, but please just hold on! I know it’s easier said than done, but keep your head up. Hold onto your hope, your faith. You’re probably not going to win the lottery. You may not be able to sell your house for any kind of profit at all. You may be stuck or unemployed. However, things will get better. Overall, there will be positive changes implemented this year both nationwide and closer to home. There will be some help from the Federal Government, but I’m not yet sure how quickly that will make a difference. We will notice much more of a difference in 2010. I know it’s difficult to hear that and may seem so far away, but there will be other things that can help in the meantime. Mortgage companies will be forced to make changes and work with homeowners, or they will lose much more than they already have. (Believe me, I know it’s frustrating when you call and get people in India that suggest you get another job to pay your house payment, but keep calling and writing until you get someone who can actually do something for you.) Other markets are going to be forced to lower prices further.

As I see it, there is one sure fire way for our country to survive … As a people, we will all need to embrace our humanity on a much deeper level. It is so easy to pull away from those we love during times like this; we want to curl into a ball and hide inside ourselves, but that is more than just self-destructive. Maybe you don’t have a job and can’t afford to help the single mom next door financially, but maybe you could help her mow the lawn. Maybe your a single mom and can only afford a babysitter 3 days a week so you can work, maybe you can work out a schedule with another mom to save money on babysitters. Maybe that mom has a husband who can offer some side work to the man down the street who was let go in an email after 30 years of service to his company. Maybe the little things we manage to do for each other will inspire greater changes in the hearts and minds of those who can make an even bigger difference. Things are difficult, but don’t discount what we can do.

Thanks for reading!

Angel Blessings & Light,


For more information on the article in USA Today, click here.

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