How to Let Go of Your Struggles and Worries Starting Today!

from our Angel Messenger Creative Team

How does an acorn grow into an oak tree? Is there any struggle or worry in the acorn to become a giant tree?

If everything in nature has the inherent wisdom to grow into the best version of itself, then why do you think that the same is not true for your life!

Let the Universe Work through You

When we are struggling, we are trying to swim against the tide. This only leads to frustration and disappointment. Instead, we could simply choose to swim with the tide and allow the inherent intelligence of nature to work through us.

This does not mean becoming a passive victim of life. Instead, it means releasing our attachment to the results of our actions. We do the best that we can while accepting that whatever results we’d get are the best for us.

For this, you must keep faith in the fact that whatever is happening in your life right now is serving your highest good. You might not be able to recognize the blessings in all the hardships right now but trust that this is part of the curriculum your soul has chosen to go through in this life. Everything that has happened, everything that is happening and everything that will happen is facilitating your ultimate evolution directly or indirectly.

You might have a hard time believing this but you have chosen to go through every single circumstance that is happening in your life right now. Also, the presence of every single person who is part of your current reality has been approved by you so that with their help your soul can experience all its life lessons.

Life is All About Lessons

From your current vantage point, this might seem preposterous and impossible to believe that you have chosen every circumstance of your life including the hardships that you are facing. After all, if we choose our life and every single incident in it, then why wouldn’t everyone choose to be prosperous, wealthy and happy?

Now, you must understand that your conscious mind, from which you are trying to understand this, is not your true Self. Your true or Higher Self doesn’t view anything as positive or negative – it has no concept of ‘good’ or ‘bad.’ You could have had an easy life wherein you might have easily had all the money you wanted and all the great relationships that your heart craves for but that might not have facilitated your growth as much as your challenges are doing.

Most people view hardships as a kind of punishment inflicted by the Universe. In reality, all challenges are merely opportunities for growth. Remember, nothing that you don’t have the capacity and the ability to deal with will happen in your life. If you are being presented with circumstances and people who trigger you in a less than positive way, then you must view it as an opportunity for growth. Nothing in life is ever about anything outside of you.

You could be perfectly serene and blissful even in the midst of a cacophonous city. At the same time, you could be unhappy and miserable even in a beautiful secluded forest. It’s your mental state that determines whether your experience is of Heaven or of Hell (or of something in between).

How to Surrender

There are only two ways of dealing with any situation: either you change it or you accept it for what it is. However, the catch here is that you cannot change anything without accepting it first. Once you accept things the way they are, the battle is already half won. After that, you can decide whether there is something you can do to change things or not.

At times, it might seem like there is nothing you can do to change the situation. I would suggest that instead of giving in to dejection and hopelessness, you send love and healing to the challenging life circumstances.

Always remember that every problem in life is due to a lack of love. When you send unconditional love to your past, present and future, all the circumstances of your life begin to heal. Again, things might not become exactly the way you’d like them to be but they’d surely serve you in the best possible way.

You must look hard to find the lesson in every challenge. Once you learn the lesson, the challenges will cease to trouble you. Besides, are you gaining anything by worrying and struggling? It’s a ‘lose-lose’ situation as you are not only missing out on peace of mind but also making room for the manifestation of everything you don’t want.

Does it, therefore, not make sense to focus your emotions on what you actually want instead of constantly mulling over your fears and worries?

Create What You Want

You are 110% responsible for everything that is happening in your life. This can be a very difficult thing to accept. However, in taking full responsibility for your life, you are also reclaiming your authority to mold your destiny the way you like.

Release the struggle by ceasing to think about everything you don’t want. Every time your mind begins to wander towards the negative, bring it back to reality by focusing on what you actually want. Whatever you think of with intensity of emotions is bound to materialize in your life sooner or later.

If you are thinking about your problems, then that is what you will end up materializing. Therefore, make an effort to focus your mind and emotions on what you do want. It will take practice and you must be gentle with yourself during the process.

Do not ponder too much on why it is focusing on the negative. Simply observe everything that is happening like a third person. It will take time and practice but over time, you can surely retrain yourself to focus on the positive.

Your life will transform once you have gained this level of mastery over your mind!

 Much Love & Angel Blessings,

Angel Messenger

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  1. Asha
    Asha says:

    Beautiful message, and absolutely liberating! A great book someone shared with me also illuminates this same message called, “Infinite Possibilities.” I encourage all to check it out, and thanks to the Angel Messenger Team for sharing such wonderfully inspired wisdom and information. Blessings!


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