Roger, our wonderful in-house medium, contacted me this morning to reschedule an appointment for tomorrow morning.  I had not realized how bad this tropical storm had become.  Tropical Storm Isaac is headed straight for the Florida Keys and forecasters say it could develop into a Category 2 hurricane.  This already massive system is expected to gain strength as it sweeps across the warm waters of the gulf.

Please send prayers of protection and strength to all those in this area and healing energy to our Mother Earth.  My thoughts and prayers are with Roger and everyone else in that area.  Stay safe!

Love and Blessings,


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  1. Lori Qualls
    Lori Qualls says:

    I pray for a peaceful, harmonious end to this storm, that all in its wake are spared much harm and damage. In the Lord’s Blessed Name, I ask for calming serenity and peace during this anxious time…


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