Mother day.

I meant to get this up last week, but it is finally here … our Mother’s Day Giveaway!  You can enter lots of different ways through the widget below, or you can leave us a comment telling us why your mom (or mom-like person) is amazing.  🙂  The contest ends this Sunday (Mother’s Day) at midnight EST, and the winner will be chosen next week. 

What can you win?  The winner will receive a free email reading for themselves (or a free mini phone reading – their choice), and they will also receive a second reading that can be given to their mom or someone else that means the world to them. 

Good Luck!

~ Sheri

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  1. Jacob Armbrust
    Jacob Armbrust says:

    My mother has always done her best to make sure my life is wonderful and for that I’m grateful. She taught me the true value of thinking for myself and being true to myself. She also showed me how I could have a relationship with God and connect with the Divine spirit of the universe that is a part of us all. She’s always been a very hard working person and she’s devoted her life to studying medicine and helping and healing people as a lab tech. I am very proud to be her son and she gives me hope for humankind. Thank you mom! I love you.

  2. Divya
    Divya says:

    My mom is my best friend, my partner in crime and the love of my life. I can’t imagine not having lived another life with her. She has taught me to love, to be compassionate, to be independent and yet never forget where I come from. She is my hero!

  3. Kelly Fielding
    Kelly Fielding says:

    My Mom always wanted the best marriage, the perfect children, the most important career, and the best education for the whole world to see. Later in life, she knew that although her marriage and kids were not the best, they were perfect to her and her job was good because it allowed her to help people. She was always smiling because the stars were bright, the skies were blue, and the sun was always shining! Love and miss her so much!

  4. Maria
    Maria says:

    My mom is amazing because she’s always there for me. I can tell her anything. We may not always agree, but that’s the way it needs to be because she’s talked sense where I couldn’t see it many times.


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