As I mentioned last week, I’m planning a Minecraft pool party for my son who will be 10 in a couple of weeks.  Sometimes he really amazes me ….

Give Word On Balloons Showing Charity Donations And Generous AssWe are having the pool party because he decided that he’d rather have a party that all his friends will enjoy in place of gifts.  Then, on Friday, he tells me that he doesn’t want his friends to bring him gifts either.  Instead, he wants them all to bring a donation for our local food bank!  How awesome is that???

I know I’m his mom and a little biased, but my little man is amazing!  He thought of this on his own, too.  His class did do an Oz play earlier in the year where the profits benefited the food bank.  I believe the man who started it came in and talked to his class, and that talk just really meant a lot to my kid.  

He’s been talking about wanting to make a difference somehow.  I guess I shouldn’t be surprised … he is a life path 9 after all.  He’s a born humanitarian.  🙂

Just thought this was kind of cool and wanted to share. 

Love and Blessings,


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  1. Bilba
    Bilba says:

    I feel this is beautiful, Sheri. It shows he is grounded in the love energy and was able to get a lot from the talk given in the school. I am childfree being but have taught children for over 20 years. It is brilliant to see children of your son’s age grow in love and compassion if they are given the foundations from their first nurturers like yourself, Thank you.


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