After talking with someone today, it dawned on me that sometimes we have to love ourselves enough to let people go.  You’ve probably heard the saying that you have to love someone enough to let them go.  The man that I was talking with had been through quite an ordeal with his divorce, and someone had given him that same guidance, but what do you do when a person is so toxic to you that you can’t let it go because you can’t bring yourself to love them that much?  How do you let go when someone has caused so much damage that seeing them makes you sick to your stomach?  The secret is that sometimes forgiveness has less to do with that other person and more to do with yourself. 

Love Yourself Enough to Let Go of the PastI’ve been through a few rough times in this life, and there have been people that have done some not so great things to me.  People have often asked how I can forgive those who hurt me so badly.  It wasn’t easy, but I did it.  I was angry for a long time, and I was even angry with God for a while, but I realized something.  It hurt a great deal to be so angry and to hold onto all that pain.  I wanted so badly to experience real love and joy, but to make space inside myself for new experiences and for those around me to show me what real love is also meant that I would have to get rid of some of that anger and pain.  I realized that I deserved to feel real love and that it didn’t have to be a painful experience, if I would just let go of the past.  I had to understand that it was actually myself that I needed to love enough in order to let go. 

This is a life long lesson, at least for me anyway.  I still get hurt and angry sometimes, and I find that I’m challenged to overcome the ghosts that try to haunt me.  I sometimes find it difficult to fully let go and relax or laugh at things others find humorous.  It’s almost like my face doesn’t know how to experience joy, even if I am happy on the inside.  Maybe I haven’t gotten it all out yet.  😉

Are you having trouble trying to forgive or let go of something or someone?  Maybe you just need to look at things a different way.  Holding on to what they did to you doesn’t bother them as much as it bothers you.  They might even get pleasure from knowing they still have power over you.  Energetically, thinking of them in any way sends them your energy.  Is it worth it to give part of yourself to that person or situation?  You deserve all of yourself.  Maybe it’s time to love yourself enough to let them go. 

Angel Blessings,

Rev. Sheri
Founder, Angel Messenger

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  1. Marie-anne
    Marie-anne says:

    Really difficult to forgive and forget… Theres been so much, it does make life harder to move on and enjoy the beautiful family I have around me. It wont stop me trying though amongst the other obstacles that come my way. When we get hurt many times we start to think theres obviously a reason it keeps happening, it must be my fault….. This would be where the not liking myself would come into it, negative thoughts!
    I keep getting back up though, and I do like myself, deep down I do, i’m a good, honest, genuine person. I talk to my angel, only recently though have I spoke to her, felt comforting from talking to her initially, unsure as of now. Angel messenger is a great website, I will share and like you to facebook x

    • Rev. Sheri
      Rev. Sheri says:

      Marie-anne, thank you for writing in. You’re right; it’s not easy … at all. Life is a spiral of energy. We are given opportunities over and over again sometimes in order for us to be given the chance to grow. It’s really difficult to be positive sometimes. I’ve been there, too. It’s not easy, but remembering that you deserve to be loved is important.

      Life can be a huge challenge for sure, and I’m grateful that I saw your comment here because I needed to reminded of my own words here. I too am in a very difficult situation at the moment where I had to let go of family – not because I don’t love them but because I do and they are only hurting me.

      Letting go is sometimes more about releasing the heartbreaking pain associated with a situation. Keep fighting, dear sister! <3

  2. Isha
    Isha says:

    Dear Rev Sheri, I have internalized the same learnings over the past year and half, and then when I went through a different, but at the same time similar experience with a different person, I knew it was time for me to deepen my love for myself even further, because the pain only serves as a redflag about what is going on inside you.
    (Also I love your angel readings 🙂 )


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